Be Fruitful and Multiply!

Ivan Šokić

For the third year in a row, the name Muhammad with all its variations was the most common name given to newborn boys in Great Britain. Among the first hundred boy names you could find a number of Yusufs, Ahmads and Alis. On the girls’ side the ratio still remains in favour of the natives, yet still among the hundred most popular female names you can find a number of Zaras, Laylas, Aylas and Nurs.

At about the same time as the list of most popular baby names came out, there was news that Great Britain is running low on contraceptives. “Contraception shortage ‘causing utter chaos’,” wrote the web edition of British public broadcaster BBC. In the entire article you wouldn’t notice that lack of available contraception in the country has any sort of effect on the mothers of all the Muhammads, Zaras, Yusufs, Laylas, Ahmads, Nurs, Alis, and Aylas.

“Leading sexual health experts have written to ministers warning that the supply shortage is beginning to lead to serious problems across the UK,” BBC pointed out. Women complained they had to get the injection which would ensure their further infertility in some remote town at an hour when their only child should be in bed. How terrible! Only a cynic would ask, why didn’t the father take care of his child.

When I read stuff like this, I’m disgusted. The West is falling apart, and the entire society with its self-centered mode of being and pathological inclination toward hedonism, whose goal is only satisfying one’s most base reptilian needs, is condemned to extinction.

The disease which currently plagues the Anglo-Saxons is present even among us, it is only that the symptomes manifest faster more to the West you go. Sterility is “in”, motherhood is “out”. Women are convinced that marriage is a chain, and a husband an obstacle in their efforts to make a career for themselves. To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, they convinced women they are free in the service of their employer and slaves in the house of their husband. Plenty of women waste their best years first at universities trying to get a sheet of paper that truth be told in great majority of cases is a purpose unto itself, and to “get to know themselves”. After that comes the time of furious slaving away at work for a miserable pay, in many cases on a student wage even after getting a degree. And then we come to the point where a woman alredy over 30 realizes that maybe now would be the time to start a family. Oftentimes they’re trying to catch a running train, many miss it. Women in the end always draw the short end of the stick.

But men are no better. Cowards and wimps, they have the spine of a jellyfish. Instead of finding a decent woman and start a family, they procrastinate. They’re never ready, there’s always something missing. I could go on. At the end of the day, the result is the same, such two sexes deserve nothing better than each other. The first despises the second and the second doesn’t value the first. The result? Death.

Again and again I hear, it is not the right time, we don’t have the conditions, this is missing, that is missing. In the end, rather than to start a family they get a pet animal. The dog always loves you, they say, and children in their eyes are only a burden. That’s the general view of children in today’s society. They’re viewed as parasites – needless, excessive, something only rare fanatics who don’t know what to do with their time otherwise decide for. The others, too enlightened for their own good, intend to “enjoy” their best years, extend their youth all the way into their late thirties.

Nobody ever thinks about growing old. When they’re old and lonely. When there won’t be a living soul who would remember them, visit them, love them, take care of them. Best case scenario, they will slowly waste away in a retirement home, but who says that people like them won’t be sent straight to the crematorium in the future? At the end of the day, they themselves will be mere parasites of the society. You reap what you sow …

Children are not a burden, they are a life investment. Instead of having as much as possible, many people these days are willing to put their own short-term profit above the wellbeing of us all. That’s their cross to bear. But the facts remain the same, and if things don’t change, Europe will become a Caliphate. Not because of the invasion of migrants but because of the extinction of natives.