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Woman shows off secret room hidden inside her wardrobe that’s straight out of ‘Narnia’

by A.P.

Jaylie took to TikTok to share the secret room she built inside her of her wardrobe – but many users were freaked out by the lock on the outside of the door

A woman has shared the incredible secret room she created in her wardrobe – and people are comparing it to ‘Narnia’.The woman, known as @jaylie.holte on TikTok, posted a video of her opening her unassuming wardrobe.

But as she pushes the clothes on the rail aside, she exposes a secret door leading to a room behind it.At the other end of the tunnel is a room that has been decorated with a sweet pink tapestry, fairy lights and artificial plants.

It also features a huge flat-screen TV, a double bed and a little coffee table, making it the perfect spot to cosy up and watch films.



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