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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Will George Soros tolerate his chief editor’s discriminatory, anti-Semitic rants?

By: V4 Agency

“No fagg***ts, jews, vegetarians” – reads the subject line of an e-mail sent by the chief editor of an online European portal to his colleagues.

The e-mails written earlier by the chief editor of 444.hu – a Hungarian leftist propaganda site – to his colleagues have been obtained by the Hungarian Pesti Sracok portal. In his internal e-mail sent out in 2005, Peter Uj made some intolerable statements. Back then, Mr Uj was editor-in-chief of the Hungarian leftist Index portal.

The e-mail dates back to 2005, when Hungary’s National Radio and Television Authority (ORTT) silenced Tilos Radio’s broadcast for 3 hours for playing a song called Képviselő funky (funky Representative) from singer Miklos Barcs. The lyrics contains a number of scandalous statements, such as “hitler is fuc*ing szalasi (leader of the Hungarian far-right Arrow Cross Party), stalin is shag***g rakosi (Hungary’s communist leader between 1947-1956), szalasi is ban***ing orbany (derogative reference to Hungary’s current PM Viktor Orban), rakosi is corkscre***g gyurcsany” (reference to disgraced former Hungarian PM Ferenc Gyurcsany).

After this, Mr Uj wrote an e-mail to his colleagues, recommending them to read Mr Barcs’s response letter to ORTT, which read:

“Kneel and stick your ass out arrow-cross thug, here comes the ass-spanking foreskin rabbi! Yetterday I heard in (p)rominent Jeudo-pathic circles that this sh*t-faced bit*h bacsfi dijana [former leader of the far-right Hungarian Future Group] is totally Jewish, just like szaboalby, with an ass-fuc**in hungarianised name! jew or not jew, she’s a motherfuc**in ugly cockroach, not even after taking 1kg cocaine could i skullf**k her, even if she stuck out her ass like szalasi when he was hanged this fact being very politically incorrect! (…)”

Photo: pestisracok.hu
Photo: pestisracok.hu

In another e-mail from 2006, also written to his colleagues, Mr Uj invited his friends to a pig slaughter. In the subject line, he wrote an anti-Semitic, highly exclusionary title, saying: “no fagg***ts, jews, vegetarians”.

A few years ago Media Development and Investment Fund (MDIF), a group linked to George Soros, acquired a minority share in Magyar Jeti Zrt., the publisher of the 444.hu portal, paying over 100 million forints (€299,500) to obtain an approximately 20% share in the website.

A glance into Hungary’s company register reveals that Maria Nemcova, a former programming director of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) in Prague, is a board member at Magyar Jeti Zrt., the publisher of the 444.hu portal. Ms Nemcova is currently chief operating officer at the Media Development and Investment Fund.

Soros spent 500 thousand dollars to assist the establishment of MDIF and has continued to support it ever since. According to OSF’s website, Soros’s network donated 16,8 million dollars to MDIF between 2016 and 2019.

V4NA has sent a letter to George Soros, the Open Society Foundations and the Media Development Investment Fund. We wanted to know:

  1. What does George Soros think about these statements?
  2. Will you distance yourselves from Peter Uj’s remarks?
  3. Will chief editor Peter Uj have to resign?
  4. In light of these remarks, will you cease cooperation with the 444.hu portal?

We will publish their reply as soon as we receive it.


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