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Friday, September 29, 2023

Voice of Europe: Angela Merkel, Germany’s next dictator?

Back in 2016 before the elections Merkel did something uncharacteristically of her and admitted mistakes, though not for her asylum policies, of course.


With this unmatched talent of ignoring critics and determination to censor and sanction dissenting voices, a truly dangerous precedent for freedom of speech is being created

She was mainly talking about ignoring the refugee crisis and the need for a European solution for too long. “Because Germany has no external EU-borders we thought, that the problem would not reach us”.

A questionable statement to make considering there was no problem for Germany or the EU in the first place until the decision to open the borders was made. She also reiterated her infamous “Wir schaffen das” (We will manage) comment.

As more and more polls are coming in showing the Union (CDU/CSU) and the SPD at their lowest points ever with 25 and 14 per cent compared to the 34.1 and 25.7 per cent back in 2013 respectively. Merkel is getting more and more short-tempered.

She is now openly supporting sanctions against parties that spread misinformation. Of course Merkel is not talking about herself, her party the CDU/CSU and her coalition partner the SPD, who all spread misinformation about fictional hunts of migrants in Chemnitz.

 More about this can be read here!


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