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Viktor Orban: effective governance ‘key to success’ against pandemic

By: V4 Agency

The Israeli lesson is that effectie governance is the key to success of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a joint meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis in Jerusalem.

The central topic of the summit held at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem was pandemic response.

“If you have gorvernance, there is a chance of success,” Viktor Orban underlined.

He said that he had visited Israel along with his Czech counterpart to understand how the country had become “the world champion in the fight against the pandemic” and how Hungary could follow its example.

The friendship between Hungary and Israel is alive. One proof is that two-way trade continued to increase even last year, when global trade plummeted by several points, Viktor Orban recalled.

He emphasized that the governments of Israel and Hungary supported an Israeli project aimed at manufacturing ventilators in Hungary. They learned that it is better to be a supplier of these devices than a buyer during a pandemic, he added.

The Hungarian prime minister stressed that the world is full of uncertainties, and referred to the widespread view that the global community would be facing a series of pandemics.

Prime Minister Netanyahu proposed that Hungary should participate in international efforts to establish facilities in Israel for the development of new vaccines and medications to ensure more efficient response and preparation, Mr Orban said.

The sides agreed that Hungary would join the Israeli initiative to introduce “green certificates” for those who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis called Israel an example to follow in dealing with the coronavirus. It is on its way to becoming the first country where people can go back to their normal lives, Babis added.

During his visit to Israel, Andrei Babis also attended the opening ceremony of the Czech Embassy in Jerusalem.


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