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(VIDEO) An illegal migrant broke a policewoman’s head

Symbolic photo (Xinhua/Chen Xiaowei)

By Ivan Šokić

French police have arrested three illegal migrants who attacked police officers at the Porte de Clingnancourt in Paris. One of the bullies also broke the policewoman’s head.

A video circulated online shows one of the illegal migrants approaching a policewoman who wanted to help her partner arrest one of the illegal migrants. A policewoman spotted a migrant approaching her and initially used peppermint successfully. Her action did not last for long, as a black man grabbed her, pushed her onto the car, and rammed her head into the hood of the car. When the policewoman managed to pick herself up, the same migrant punched her in the face.

The injured policewoman had to be taken to hospital where she recovered for the next three days before she could return to work. The incident occurred around 4 pm on May 3rd, when police officers noticed that illegal migrants were setting fire to the bridge where they had been staying for about a month. Police officers asked the illegals to put out the fire as they feared it would spread to tents, but illegal migrants began bombarding them with various projectiles. Police officers therefore tried to arrest the perpetrators.

“The uniform no longer fills with respect. Opposite. Today we are facing bullies who no longer know where the boundaries are. We often even know these individuals well, as we have arrested them countless times. They do not care about authority,” Matthieu Valet, a spokesman for the Independent Trade Union of Chiefs and Police, told reporters in response to the Paris incident. Police unionists are pushing for a minimum prison sentence, which would mean that any conviction would result in at least a few days behind bars.

Violence against police officers in France is becoming a constant. Last year, all 14 police unions called for military intervention to restore order in the country. Last month, a group of 15 individuals attacked police officers who tried to arrest a dealer and a murder suspect. The number of murders of police officers has also been on the rise in recent years.

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