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“Freedom” fighters to Pirkovič: “The nation will judge you soon!”


By Sara Kovač (Nova24tv)

“The nation will soon judge you and I hope you land where you belong, in prison or a suitable institution for your condition,” is one of the threats that the long-time head of public RTV Slovenia Igor Pirkovič has recently received as if on a conveyor belt. He is currently occupying a position of acting editor of the MMC editorial board. The reason for this is obviously that he is not one of those whom there is “fucking more”, in the words of the now former host of the Studio City show Marcel Štefančič on RTV Slovenia.

Threats against dissenters, including death threats, have become a new practice with the victory of the Gibanje Svoboda party for all those radical leftists who simply cannot come to terms with the fact that someone thinks differently than they do. Among those who found themselves on the “shooting list” is clearly acting editor of the MMC editorial board Igor Pirkovič.

“Mr. Pirkovič, you are a total disaster of a man, are you not ashamed of anything. You are running clerical fascism in front of everyone, and you are enjoying it. The nation will soon judge you and I hope that you will land where you belong, in prison or a suitable institution for your condition,” was a recent threat from a Facebook user Mathaž Pucher to Pirkovič. Recall that the “nation judged” after the victory of similar people in 1945, who promised freedom. And we know how it ended. Journalist and historian Jože Možina has already pointed out that these years can be repeated “It is not impossible. Many (journalists) are in a kind of revolutionary trance, which is reminiscent of the historical Slovenian schism, when incitement and slander escalated into violence.”

Who is the extremist Pucher?

He is an individual who is considered a sympathiser of KUL members and a big fan of Studio City. Considering that he also shared a link on his Facebook page to the petition of the March 8th Institute, which advocates that Marcel Štefančič re-enter the leadership shoes, he is obviously a fan of the group of people who dominate public RTVS. Since Štefančič has already become the former head of Studio City, this may be the reason why he threatened Pirkovič, following the example of his “idol”.

As already mentioned, this threat is not an isolated case. After the victory of the Gibanje Svoboda party, Pirkovič was also threatened with death. He was marked as Janša’s horde and warned that his time is numbered. Death threats seem to be clearly something completely normal for radical leftists. Prime Minister Janez Janša, members of Janša’s coalition, and MPs have been receiving these in recent years, and especially since the 3rd Janša’s government came to power. Undoubtedly, this situation is also due to the unresponsiveness of the competent institutions, which were not able to react properly in the event of threats. Since intolerant people do not receive sanctions, they logically explain that they are allowed to do anything. Everything.

Recently, some cultural figures have also been threatened, claiming to be “Janša’s” and “collaborators of Janšism” in culture, for daring to work with the centre-right government to work for the benefit of all citizens. Let’s remember. The Facebook page of Radio Free Ljubljana, which is famous for inciting violence and hate speech, has published a list of prominent Slovenian cultural figures who have found themselves on the so-called “blacklist for shooting”. It could be noticed that among them are also those who do not belong to the right. For example, the director of Cankarjev dom Uršula Cetinski. People who are unifying and do not care who is left or right oriented are clearly a thorn in the side of the radical left, which is hungry for revenge. Will they continuously follow the recent example of the frontman of the anti-government protests, Jaša Jenull, who threatened the director of Cankarjev dom, because he does not like her, that her hypocrisy should be addressed immediately and unequivocally? Where is this going?

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