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Trump wants to break the Big Tech Media Cartel

Towards a non-censorable global informationsociety
Donald J. Trump has declared war on the ever-increasing and brazen censorship measures of the Big Tech antitrust media and to this end has launched the Trump Media Technology Group – TMTG.

In a press release dated 26.10.2021, Donald J. Trump has issued his following statement on the background and goals of said media foundation.

Statement on TMTG
by 45th President Donald J. Trump

 Last week I announced the creation of a big new company that will question the dominance of the big tech giants and the bosses of big media. Today I would like to explain in more detail what I intend to do and why. For me, this endeavor is about much more than just politics. It’s about saving our country.

America has always been a nation of smart, courageous, and independent people who look with pride at their independent thinking. We admire all those who are not afraid to speak their minds or swim against the tide. But suddenly we are censored and patronized by a small group of self-righteous troublemakers and self-proclaimed referees who pretend what everyone else has to think, say, share and do.

Nowhere is this censorship more dangerous and outrageous than on social media, the public space of our time. We have seen renowned doctors banned from platforms for contradicting health authorities or questioning current political discourse. We have seen scientists end up on blacklists because they provided evidence that the pandemic originated from a Chinese laboratory. We’ve seen important reports about Joe and Hunter Biden’s foreign affairs — information that voters needed and deserved to know — ruthlessly suppressed and deleted from the internet just weeks before the presidential election. And as everyone knows, we have seen a sitting president of the United States effectively silenced by a small oligarchy of tech titans and mass mediacorporations.

The corruption of these platforms cannot be overlooked. We have slid down the ‘slippery slope’ of censorship in our country. These are issues that are among the most important issues of our time that Americans are increasingly forbidden to discuss.

This aggressive censorship and‘deletion culture’ is not only un-American, but also has immediate consequences in the real world. Most obvious are the many disasters taking place under the current government: the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the disaster on the southern border, galloping inflation, and the quadrillion-heavy socialist spending nightmare, to name a few. In a country with free opinion and the free flow of information, none of this would have happened – and no one understands this better than the people who engage in censorship.

But the suppression and deletion of information also affects our country in more subtle but equally destructive ways. How many Americans don’t trust their politicians, media, or public health officials with a word because they certainly don’t know the whole story? How many ordinary citizens resent their neighbors because they feel they live in two completely different realities? How many millions of Americans tacitly resist all the nonsense inflicted on us, but see the censors’ hard hand and come to the conclusion that their own voice makes no difference or that the price of speaking out against it seems far too high?

For our country, the new age of censorship is a disaster. The days when we were able to have our debates fiercely and openly were much better because we could then move forward together as Americans, because all sides were aware that their voices and best arguments had been heard.

The more I dealt with this issue, the clearer it became to me that in order to restore free opinion, a large new platform would have to come onto the market that is adamant about protecting lively debates for all sides. Especially since building a new platform is both difficult and expensive, completely independent of Big Tech’s infrastructure, the project would have to be extremely well financed and designed for the long term. In addition, such a platform would have to attract millions of users in a short period of time and welcome not only Republicans, but also non-partisans and Democrats.

This presents a mixture of extremely difficult challenges – and I realized that I am perhaps the only person in America with the necessary mouthpiece, the resources, the experience with the desire to make all this a reality. That’s exactly what I’m doing now, with the same fighting spirit that has always been inherent in american perseverance.

To stand up to censorship by Big Tech, we are creating a ‘Big Tent’platform: TRUTH Social. We invite people of all political persities and different points of view to re-engage in the great American debate. That is exactly what our country should be about. Unlike the Big Tech platforms, there will be no shadow-banning (hidden censorship), no reduction in bandwidth, no monetary deletion and no handling of algorithms for political manipulation. We will not use users like lab rats for social experiments or label alternative views as‘disinformation’. We will not silence our fellow citizens just because they may have been wrong – or worse, because we believed that Americans‘could not handle the truth’.

TRUTH Social will be as free, dynamic, vibrant and diverse as America itself. But it is only the beginning of our plans. Trump Media and Technology Group will also offer an on-demand video streaming service that will compete with the growing‘deletion culture’ and politicized‘entertainment’programs of the Big Tech and Big Media protagonists. Trump Media and Technology Group also believes it is possible to create “termination-proof” alternatives in other key areas, from web services to payment processing.

Finally, you can’t trust a small number of powerful people who control almost all the big media, technology, and entertainment companies in America and who all think the same thing and want to silence anyone who thinks differently. It is my stated goal to break the stranglehold against the voices of the American people – not only for me and my own supporters, but for the United States of America!

You can readthe original English version here .


TmTG’s website provides an overview of the potential of the new platform. We show a selection of graphics below:


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