The World Food Program, led by Trump supporter David Beasley, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

(Photo: Wikipedia)

The World Food Program, led by Trump supporter David Beasley, has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its work addressing hunger in underdeveloped nations, WJ News reported.

The agency, which works independently under the United Nations umbrella,  helped feed about 100 million people in 88 countries last year. Beasley became executive director of the program in 2017 with the support of President Donald Trump.

The United Nations organisation, the 101st winner of the prestigious award, was praised for its efforts in tackling global hunger.

Presenting the award, the Nobel Committee urged the world to pay attention to the suffering of the hungry.


Accepting the Peace Prize, WFP chief David Beasley said the award belonged to the “family” of aid workers on the front line.

Last year, the UN organisation helped 97 million people, distributing 15 billion rations across 88 countries.

 It prides itself on being “the leading humanitarian organisation” in a world where, by its own estimates, some 690 million people – one in 11 – go to bed on an empty stomach.

Mr Beasley said: “They are out there in the most difficult, complex places in the world.

“Whether it’s war, conflict, climate extremes, it doesn’t matter. They are out there and they deserve this award.”

A glimpse of the globe-trotting aid chief’s Twitter feed demonstrates the scale of the global food crisis.

Mr Beasley uses a series of personal videos – shot in obscure locations including a locust swarm in Africa and the site of the Beirut blast – to highlight how quickly the WFP can respond.

The award will give the agency $1.1 million to add to its $6.4 billion in cash or goods currently provided.

The U.S. provides about $2.7 billion of the agency’s resources.

President Donald Trump had received three nominations for the coveted prize.

In 2015, while Trump was campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination, Beasley called Trump “the next president of the United States” and “the man who will make America great again,” according to The State.

Beasley said Trump’s style “is shaking up the establishment and has been good for the party.”