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Friday, December 8, 2023

Switzerland: Children are forcibly homosexualized in school and have to change genders


It is well known that leftists already want to exorcise children’s innate gender role. In Austrian schools, for example, the play “King and King” was performed, where instead of prince and princess two warmers slipped into the role of the royal couple and in Swedish schools there is sometimes instead of “he” and “she” a kind of “ersie”, because the little ones could not be quite sure whether they are a male or a female. Or, if necessary, want to belong to the remaining 50 or so genders.
A further push towards gender abolition and homosexualisation has just taken place in Switzerland. At one school, boys were encouraged to dress up as girls and, conversely, girls as boys. The fact that one fails to incorporate “diverse” makes this action almost regressive. There is no doubt that there is still some catching up to do here!

“Disguise Day” at school

The primary school of the Zurich municipality of Zollikon organized a so-called “disguise day” for its 500 children.

Official motto: “Boys go as girls and girls go as boys”.

Boys appeared as gentle beings in pink ruffle dress, girls as strong young men. More than 100 mostly left-wing teachers give everything to ensure that this task is intensively tackled. Gendering was even chosen as the annual topic in the Zolliker primary school from the 2nd grade, reports the weltwoche.ch.

Not everyone wanted to go along with delusion – parents protested

Respect must be paid to the boys who refused to participate in this perverse parenting measure and parents complained about the madness. In the weekly Zolliker Zumiker, for example, they wrote:

“Especially the little ones are hardly enthusiastic about transforming into the opposite sex. In some classes, the children should be asked how they feel in the other gender. Is the disguise day being instrumentalized here to address a sensitive issue through the back door?”

A disgruntled citizen from the neighbouring municipality of Zumikon wrote about the controversial “disguise day”:

“A discussion about gender definitions that has been brought to the fore by left-wing alternative fringe groups is already reaching our youngest. For an eight-year-old boy, the question does not arise in 99 percent of cases whether he would rather go to school with a skirt today. Rather, he is interested in when the football pitch is open again or which games can be played during the break. Let the children be children, without gender mania and equality discussion.”

Such concerns are of no interest to left-wing social engineers, they want to “improve” the laws of nature according to their ideas.


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