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Soros and his allies set to silence conservative host

By: V4 Agency

US stock market speculator George Soros has long been after Fox News. Organisations with links to Soros are now trying to put pressure on the American television channel to take one of their most popular anchors off the air, says the person in question.

Since last year’s presidential election, America’s conservative Fox News television channel has come under fire. After the storming of the Capitol on 6 January, its leftist, liberal rivals even demanded that cable operators remove Fox from their packages.

As Fox has been reporting on the activities of George Soros for more than a decade now, it comes as no surprise that the channel has become a target of the stock market speculator. Tucker Carlson, the host of the Tucker Carlson Tonight show, is one of the most vocal critics of George Soros. A week ago, Carlson stated that his show has come under attack by groups with ties to Soros.

“We never want to sound like we’re complaining. We hate talking about this on the show… However, in the last several weeks, particularly in the last 24 hours, the calls to take this show off the air by groups funded, for real, by the Ford Foundation, or by George Soros, by Michael Bloomberg, by Jeff Bezos have become definitely going after us. Advertisers they’re going after, the companies that carry our signal into your homes,” Carlson said.

Moreover, Carlson also talked about George Soros being a threat to national security. The TV host arrived at this conclusion from the fact that the US State Department held an online conference on Racism Being a Threat to National Security. Tom Perriello, one of the directors of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF), also contributed to the discussions.

“If you’re looking for an honest assessment of national security threats we face, George Soros might be on this list somewhere. George Soros makes your country weaker, sorry, that’s true. He’s made a lot of countries weaker”, Carlson said, recalling that Soros had shorted the British pound sterling and had conducted similar transactions in Thailand.

It is obvious that George Soros does not appreciate Tucker Carlson’s attacks.

On its website, the OSF-backed organisation MoveOn is running a petition entitled “Stop Tucker Carlson – White Supremacist Agenda on Fox News”.

The petition, signed by some 47 thousand people so far, reads: “Stop Tucker Carlson from supporting and propagating a white supremacist agenda on Fox News.”

The initiators also wrote: “Tucker needs to be taken off the air, and his advertisers need to stop funding hate.”

According to OSF’s website, the foundation gave MoveOn Civic Action

  • 150,000 dollars in 2019,
  • 50,000 dollars in 2018,
  • 25,000 dollars in 2016.

Soros also tried to exert influence in dictating who can and who cannot appear on the channel. A group he supported demanded Fox to ban Joe diGenova, who claimed in 2019 that Soros “controls a very large part of the career foreign service of the United States Department” and “controls the activities of FBI agents overseas who work for NGOs.” Open Society Foundations President Patrick Gaspard denied those allegations.

Media Matters for America has also lined up behind Soros’s campaign against Tucker Carlson. The organisation was established in 2004, and it received 1 million dollars from Soros in 2010. Other Soros-sponsored organisations also appear behind it, such as the Tides Foundation, the Democracy Alliance, Moveon.org and the Center for American Progress.

Media Matters went as far as to compile a list of the leading advertisers on Carlson’s show in 2018.

However, Soros’s attempts to undermine Tucker Carlson are apparently doomed to fail. The popular host will launch a new show called Tucker Carlson Originals on the FOX Nation online streaming platform.


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