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Friday, September 22, 2023

Scholz – as chancellor completely talent-free, internationally just embarrassing


After almost 2 months in office, the Traffic Light government is struggling with “bad” poll numbers. The population does not give the RED-GREEN-YELLOW alliance a good report in a Forsa survey.
In the “Trend Barometer” of RTL and NTV, only 30 percent of those surveyed were satisfied with the work of the “colorful” coalition so far. However, 64 percent were less satisfied or not satisfied at all.

SPD and GREEN voters satisfied with work

The government, which has not even been in office for 100 days, staggers from one fat bowl to the next. The values of the surveys can certainly be described as catastrophic.

Political analyst Tilman Mayer told Focus that “Chancellor Scholz must now go on the offensive.”

The voters of the SPD and the Greens are not surprisingly in agreement with the questionable work of the traffic light, 74 and 76 percent respectively. Among FDP voters, however, only 31 percent are satisfied with the government’s work.

In the public perception, i.e. media presence and there is apparently no distinction between the population according to content or qualitative “characteristics”, the ranking is as follows:

Annalena Baerbock (GREENS) 50 %

Olaf Scholz (SPD) 45%

Robert Habeck (GREENS) 35%

Christian Lindner (FDP) 32%

Karl Lauterbach (SPD) 29%

The electorate also seems to be quite critical of the government’s handling of the Ukraine crisis. After all, 67 percent are dissatisfied, only SPD supporters are not surprisingly satisfied with 52 percent.

Little remains of the initial “fresh political wind”

Not much remained of the “euphoria” in some places in view of the much-noticed Instagram selfie of Baerbock, Lindner, Wissing and Habeck at the end of September, two days after the election.

At the time, with the background of the change of power, the “post-Merkel” era, it had signaled a new beginning, a breath of fresh air and a new style. At least a certain curiosity and also some euphoria had been recognizable in the population.

After only 2 months, disillusionment follows

While the ministers of the Scholz cabinet plunge from one “embarrassment” to the next, Lauterbach is a “bank” for this, one also likes to get entangled again and again in contradictions, especially on the all-dominating topic of pandemic, and taps from one “fat bowl” to the next.

The chancellor himself, if he is not embarrassed and not very confident at the meeting with US President Biden, is otherwise on a “diving station”.

The result is sobering, Scholz, according to a recent Civey survey commissioned by Focus, is attested by 71 percent of respondents to a lack of leadership. Another 77 percent rate the communication of the traffic light as negative.

Around 60 percent are under the impression that there are serious shortcomings in the government’s domestic, foreign, economic and corona policies.

Even the energy policy of the “left-wing world rescue team” is rated by more than two-thirds of those surveyed as inadequate.

Tilman Mayer also explains to the Focus, “Once you have fallen so low, it is difficult to conjure up a contrary mood from the hat.”

Many words – little to no deeds

Mayer explains logically, “so far you have taken care of headlines, coalition agreement texts, so to speak, now it’s about the efforts of the level.” The traffic light must now initiate and implement all its planned projects and the necessary political process, according to Mayer.

It is allegedly due to the “ideological ballast” from the Merkel era, which is difficult to eliminate. It is necessary to motivate the employees so that the “input from the highest level (ministers and state secretaries) is not watered down.

However, it should be noted that the thing with the “ultimate” shift to the left is obviously not as jagged to implement as one would like.

A clear case of “underestimated”, opposition banter and the inseparably linked “criticism-endless loop politics” have little to do with what one has to show at the top in terms of prudence and foresight.

There “up” a rough wind blows, there is a need for a reliable team on board, which is clearly not given with the current squad. “Would like” does not mean for a long time I do it well, the left blows the stiff breeze brutally into the face within a very short time.


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