Salvini on Aquarius NGO: “They can go anywhere, but not in Italy.”

(Photo: Twitter)

The Aquarius 2 boat, operated by an NGO, has recently resumed its activities in the Mediterranean Sea and just yesterday “saved” around 10 people in the Libyan waters,  Defend Europa reports.

NGOs have been exposed multiple times aiding and abetting illegal immigration and have often been prosecuted in Italy. Salvini instantly made it clear that his hard line on the immigration issue is not changing and the ports are staying closed. He tweeted, accompanied by a video, this:

“The #Aquarius2 has retrieved around 10 people in the Libyan sar waters, just a few miles from dry land, but it refused to collaborate with the Coast Guard from Tripoli. Now the ship is wandering in the Mediterranean Sea. I say it again and I reiterate: they can go anywhere, but not in Italy. #ClosedPorts”