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Salvini: I’m awaiting judge’s decision with confidence

By: V4 Agency

Matteo Salvini outlined his post-election plans and discussed his court trial in Catania in a brief interview.

When a centre-right coalition government is elected, it will introduce judicial reforms, Matteo Salvini stressed after his trial.

“I’m awaiting the judge’s decision to be announced on 14 May with confidence and that the prosecutor has – instead of requesting further proceedings against – reiterated his eralier position that I had not committed a crime. Protecting the borders of Italy and the EU is not a right, but a duty of all ministers,” the former interior minister underlined. 

Prosecutor: Salvini held no one hostage

The prosecutor requested that proceedings in the Catania court against Italy’s former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini be dismissed as unfounded.

“Next Saturday, during the court hearing of the Open Arms NGO in Palermo, we will see whether the court will uphold its earlier ruling and declare that I’m not guilty, or continue to waste taxpayers’ money,” Mr Salvini said.

“When a centre-right government, elected by the majority of Italians, assumes power, justice and independence will be paramount in the judiciary. I think the overwhelming majority of judges are worthy and free women and men who are fed up with ideology, favours and graft. Without profound reforms in the judiciary, Italy, with a backlog of more than 5 million cases, will never become a truly free and modern country,” Matteo Salvini said.


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