Renaud Camus: Global Replacism is the most active form of contemporary totalitarianism

Renaud Camus. (Photo: personal archive)

Renaud Camus in an interview with Demokracija magazine:

“Global Replacism is not only, according to my views, the most pregnant phenomenon of post-modern contemporaneity, it is also the most active form of contemporary totalitarianism. Global Replacism is tyranny today and it doesn’t need dictatorship. Democracy is fine with it, as long as it can control it by the way of “information”. Its way of managing the human park, as Sloterdijk calls it, is what I call Davocracy : derivative of the world by Davos, finance, the banks, pension funds, the “Gafas”, and in general a purely economical and numerical conception of politics: what a thinker like Alain Supiot calls “la gouvernance par les nombres”. Governance by numbers would be a suitable another name for it, and one might add: governance of numbers by numbers. There is not the slightest suggestion of conspiracy in such a way of thinking, but an analysis of the structure of power and management in a post-Taylorian and post-Fordist world. Although he is indeed not a thinker of comparable scope, Taylor is to Replacism what Marx is to Marxism. Ford is his Prophet, his Lenin. As for the accusation of white supremacism, it doesn’t have the slightest foundation in my writings and way of thinking and doesn’t even deserve an answer.”

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