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torek, 18 januarja, 2022

Red Ice TV´s credit provider account shut down due to political correctness

By A.S.

We have witnessed in the last couple of years an increasing amount of censorship toward those whose views do not comply with the generally accepted multiculturalist agenda that is being pushed by the media, big corporations, and liberal politicians.

Authors and organizations who are labeled politically incorrect are not only censored, but are in some cases completely banned from Facebook or amazon, their bank accounts are being shut down, and so on.

The latest case of this undemocratic practice is the shutting down of the account of the Swedish-American alternative media Red Ice by their credit card processor provider. Red Ice TV is an alternative media led by Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff, which offers TV shows, videos, interviews, interesting articles, and radio shows, all from a pro-European perspective, dealing with such topics as the great demographic replacement, cultural Marxism, politics, history, ideas, traditions, etc.

After they had a new credit card processor, their account was shut down after only ten days, the reason being “multiple articles online with negative views on both the Company, Red Ice members, and the owner”. An official notification letter that was published by Palmgren on his Twitter account, from the providing company, also states: “Being a conservative provider, I will have to close the account due to my findings”. Regarding this statement, Lana Lokteff has commented on her Twitter profile that “All it takes is a couple of far-left activists to lie about you online and even a ‘conservative’ bank who also gets called the same names, will fold. Pathetic. There isn’t one corporation with a backbone in this country.”

You can visit their website and support Red Ice HERE.


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