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Poll: 51 percent of voters would vote for Viktor Orbán


A recent poll by the Hungarian polling institute Századvég shows that Péter Márki-Zay has the strongest support in Budapest, while he is not well received by voters in the countryside.

At the end of the left-wing primaries, Századvég conducted a poll on whether Hungarian voters would rather see Péter Márki-Zay, the winner of the primaries, or incumbent Viktor Orbán as prime minister from 2022.

The poll found that 51 percent would vote for Orbán, while 41 percent would support Márki-Zay. The proportion of unanswered and undecided is 8 percent.

Data published on Századvég’s website show that while the left-wing candidate for prime minister is popular in Budapest, he – like Gergely Karácsony – is less or not at all successful with rural voters.

54 percent of Budapesters want to see Márki-Zay as head of government, compared to 42 percent of the inhabitants of the county centers and 37-37 percent of the inhabitants of the cities and villages.

By contrast, 38 percent of people living in the capital would support Viktor Orbán’s re-election, and 52 percent of people living in counties and 54 and 56 percent of people living in towns and villages, respectively, would support his re-election as prime minister in 2022.

Source: Magyar Nemzet


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