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Poland eases some epidemic restrictions

(Photo: V4 Agency)

By: V4 Agency

Art galleries and museums, as well as stores in shopping centres will be allowed to re-open with some restrictions as of 1 February, but people must continue to adhere to coronavirus health rules, the Polish health minister said on Thursday.

Rules applying to public gatherings, events, meetings, hotels, restaurants, ski resorts and border crossings will remain in force until 14 February. Students, with the exception of those in the first three grades, will continue to attend online education, Polish Health Minister Adam Niedzielski has said.

The minister underlined that easing will be introduced in the retail sector because past experience shows that Poles have demonstrated adherence to the rules of social distancing and proper mask-wearing in shops. Retailers in shopping centres can open starting 1 February, provided there is a minimum of 15 square metres available for each customer.

“This is a cautious step in the slow gradual return to normalcy,” Minister Niedzielski said.

Another move applies to art galleries and museums, which will also be able to reopen under similar stipulations.

Entrepreneurs had earlier requested the government to cancel the shopping time restriction reseved for elderly people, which the cabinet granted. This, too, will take effect 1 February. Health Minister Niedzielski added that further measures will be decided in two weeks’ time.

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