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“Normal everyday life” in Italy: Mother describes attempted rape of her 14-year-old daughter by North Africans

By VoxNews

“The man started touching my daughter everywhere and held her hand in front of her mouth to stop her from screaming. A mother from Parma tells in tears of horror, but also of anger, the terrible story that happened to her 14-year-old daughter and which she reported to the police. The nightmare for the student of a local school began on Saturday evening at the bus stop under the Portici del Grano and continued to her house.

The fourteen-year-old girl, who lives in Via Sidoli, after spending the whole afternoon in the city center with her friends – all girls and boys more or less her age, classmates and some from other schools, a group known to the girl’s family – went to the bus stop accompanied by her friends.

But then he came. The man of North African origin, between twenty and twenty-five years old, a face that was unfortunately already known to the group of young people. Fifteen days ago,” says the mother, “he was already harassing my daughter. The incident took place in a bar in Via D’Azeglio. “He was very upset and at some point tried to hug her. However, the girl, with the help of her friends, managed to push him away. That same evening, a friend of hers felt even worse. “She, too, was approached by this man who, as with my daughter, tried to hug her. She received a slap in the face while trying to free herself.”

All this happened fifteen days ago. On Saturday, before they met him in front of the bus stop, the group of friends had already met him at another club in the city center, in one of the places where groups of teenagers, some of them known as “Nafri gangs”, hang out on Saturdays and often annoy the younger ones. Also there the same sad “script”. “Constantly changing, he harassed her again, tried to stop her and then hug her again.” The girl ran away from her friends, hoping that everything would end there. But no. A little later, at the bus stop, the young man reappeared. At some point, the bus arrives, the 14-year-old girl says goodbye to her girlfriends and gets in, but the young man does the same. The two find themselves in the same bus. Once again, he harassed her,” the mother continues, “he babbled something that my daughter didn’t understand. Then he sat down next to her. My daughter then tried to make a phone call, but he ripped the phone out of her hand. However, the girl managed to get her smartphone and sit next to the driver while the perpetrator remained in the back of the bus.”

This was already a terrible journey, but it was to become even more terrible. In Via Sidoli, the student got off the bus and drove home. But at the bus stop, the boy got out and began to follow her.

The young woman hurried on. Then she started walking, still with the North African behind her. When she arrived in front of the house, she was caught and blocked. “He pressed her against a wall and started touching and kissing her everywhere. To prevent her from screaming, he held his hand in front of her mouth and neck,” her mother says in a trembling voice.

In her desperation, the 14-year-old girl managed to pull her hand away and scream for help. Her mother, who was in the house, realized that the request came from her daughter (the woman says her daughter screamed, “Help, help, stop, go away”) and opened the gate via the intercom.

My daughter managed to get into the house and save herself,” she adds, “and in the meantime, I hurried to the balcony to try to identify the attacker. But he ran away.

Yesterday, the woman went to the police station to report the incident, and the police are on the trail of the attacker, who could be charged with sexual assault. Once the fear and shock have evaporated, a great deal of anger remains. “The outbreak of the mother: “This situation of insecurity can no longer be tolerated in this city.”

Source: VoxNews


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