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No satire: German city of Hanau now has its own parpklätze for “LGBTQs and migrants”


One could easily consider it satire if this report did not come from Germany, where there are apparently no limits to left-wing absurdity. The city of Hanau has now created its own parking spaces for “minorities”. In the future, only people from the LGBTQ circle and migrants (!) will be allowed to park on these.

Parpklätze to protect against attacks

In an underground car park there are a total of three of these parking spaces, which are specially marked with a wall in rainbow colors. On the wall is written “Variety parking spaces”.

The diversity car park will now be available primarily for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people. But also for migrants. Attention, now the punchline: the purpose behind this is to protect these population groups from “attacks” (the initiators should have protected the former group better from the second). A specially installed camera surveillance is intended to better protect against these “attacks”.

“Signs of tolerance”

The initiator of the campaign, the municipal car park company (HPG), wants to set the famous “sign for tolerance and cosmopolitanism”, at least according to its supervisory board chairman Thomas Morlock to various media.

An angry social media user sums up his frustration via Twitter about the parking lots:

“Child and old-age poverty, single mothers at the financial limit, pensioners who have to live on the bottle deposit and leftovers from garbage cans. But for City Councillor Thomas Morlock in Hanau, there is nothing more important than setting an example of tolerance. “Three new diversity parking spaces”.”

But even the gay scene criticizes the action. One sees a so-called “pinkwashing”, i.e. the attempt to make money with those target groups with a gesture for tolerance.


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