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Friday, September 29, 2023

Modern-day child sacrifice

By: V4 Agency

Child sarcifice, a ritualistic killing of children typical of ancient times, has only transformed and not fully disappeared. The victims of today’s child sacrifice are victims of abortions, a topic covered by one anti-abortion group in a shocking new video.

Abortion is one of society’s most divisive issues, covered by CHOICE42, a Canadian anti-abortion organisation, in a shocking new video. The clip suggests that child sacrifice still exist to this day, except that these rituals are being justified and even celebrated.

The short film begins by showing that throughout history, babies have been sacrificed in some cultures for better harvest, or to appease a deity. However, as the recurring message of the video suggests, “there is nothing new under the sun.”

According to CHOICE42, child sacrifice still exists, but it is widely accepted and condoned. Their video says that in our modern times babies are sacrificed during abortion. Women “sacrifice” their unborn children not for a deity, but for freedom, convenience, money, fame, or to gain favours in the workplace.

The organisation’s video shows shocking images as it explains that children are no longer thrown into a fire as in the old days, but are starved or poisoned in the womb, or their skulls are crusched. This is now called a “choice,” and it is celebrated. According to CHOICE42, children are, in fact, sacrificed on the altar of human greed.

Abortion appears to be not only celebrated, but outright encouraged and promoted. A popular social media platform serves as a good example: Caldron Pool recently pointed out that Instagram has released a face filter called “thank god for abortion.”

Many have found the filter appalling, let alone the pictures with the message projected onto children’s faces. The filter was created by a pro-abortion organisation called Thank God for Abortion and were pleased to announce its release.

Mothers in the United Kingdom have reported an alarming phenomenon. A report by Positive About Down Syndrome (PADS) revealed that doctors in the UK frequently offer abortion to mothers if their baby has Down syndrome.

Emma Mellor told the organisation that she has been offered termination about 15 times during her pregnancy. Even at 38 weeks, she was told that if she changed her mind on the morning of the induction, she should let the hospital know. She was told that it was not too late to terminate her pregnancy until the baby had started travelling down the birth canal.

Nicola Sparrow was also towards the end of her pregnancy at 37 weeks, when she learnt that she would be induced the next morning. She was told at the hospital that she still had some options on whether she was going to have her baby or not. She says she was told that if her baby was born not breathing or struggling to breathe, doctors were willing not to help the baby, and just leave her.

A survey by PADS found that 69 per cent of the mothers asked by them were offered an abortion after they were told they were carrying a baby with Down syndrome. Moreover, even after they had informed medical professionals that they wished to keep their child, 46 per cent of mothers were asked if they wanted to change their mind.

Az abortuszpártiak Ĺ‘ket is megölték volna

Pro-abortionists would have killed these people

The Constitutional Court’s recent ruling on abortion has triggered a series of demonstrations in Poland….

According to the organisation, mothers are not given accurate information about the realities of living with a Down syndrome child and, because of this, many – influenced by outdated and prejudicial views mainly from medical professionals – simply decide to terminate their pregnancy,  PADS founder Nicola Enoch has pointed out.


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