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Liberals intolerant of aborted babies memorial

By: V4 Agency

A group of conservative students placed flags in honour of babies killed in abortions. Less than twelve hours later nothing was left of the memorial. The conservative students say their liberal peers may have a hand in the disappearance.

Members of the Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT), a group also operating at the University of Texas at Austin, wanted to commemorate aborted babies by placing one thousand pink flags on the campus south lawn with each flag representing about 800 unborn babies lost to abortion.

Barely 12 hours later, the flags had been taken, leaving only an empty lawn.

The conservative student group wrote a statement that their motive for putting up the memorial was to send a clear message to the Texas legislature that they, the younger generation, respect life from conception to natural death and will continue to pray for aborted children.

Jordan Clements, the head of the Texas University chapter of the YCT said that even left-minded people “know deep down that it is human life being killed on the altar of convenience in our throwaway culture, so when our memorial made them face the harsh reality of how many are killed each year due to abortion, they decided to take it down and push our message out of sight.”

According to YCT-UT co-vice president  Ariana Silva, it is a sad day in the history of higher education when liberal students feel they can calmly vandalise a peaceful demonstration of a cause by conservative students. Ms Silva said “this behavior is abhorrent and should be unthinkable.”

University administration said although they knew nothing of the exhibit on campus to begin with and consequently have no knowledge of who or how they were removed, they encouraged the offended students approach the dean’s office with their grievance. In a statement, the university spokesperson talked of the commitment of the institution to defending the freedom of expression on campus.


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