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LGBTQ propaganda produces another gem

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A children’s book based on fairy tales took upon itself the task of LGBTQ-sensitisation through the story of a gay prince and his saviour, the heroic knight. Although the book could educate children for acceptance, innumerable children’s psychologists and scientists agree that deviation from traditional values confuses small children. Moreover, excessive sensitisation has resulted in an increase in the number of children treated with gender dysphoria.

The book titled Prince&Knight is about a prince who cannot find a wife, although he is introduced to many beautiful girls who would happily marry him. Meanwhile, a dangerous dragon attacks the kingdom, so the price sets off to defeat it and save his country.

The prince finds the dragon and wants to fight it alone, but a heroic knight appears who joins him in the struggle. Together they defeat the dragon, and the knight even saves the prince’s life, who falls in love with his saviour for the first sight.

They return to the castle as heroes, get married and live happily ever after. His father, the old king and his mother are glad that their son finally found a suitable partner who can help him in ruling the country.

The book received a sequel in 2021, in which the prince and his husband are crowned. However, they have to defend the kingdom yet again, this time from an evil emperor, so they embark on the mission to find him.

A children’s book on this topic was published back in 2014. The Princess and the Treasure is a book about two young men, who embark on a journey to free a princess, find the treasure, and decide who will marry the princess. On the road, however, they realise that they have fallen in love with each other.

Numerous studies have shown how important stability is during the development of a young child. A stable environment provides nurturing caregivers, unconditional love, consistent discipline, and a dependable and safe living space. It is equally important for children to have a consistent, safe, and loving environment, one in which they can lean on family members while forming their view of the world.

However, the tale of the gay prince consciously goes against traditions in sensitising children. Experts have already raised their voices about age-inappropriate sexual education.

The early sensitisation by the gender and transgender lobbies resulted in a trend-like increase in the number of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a study found. 468 cases of gender dysphoria was diagnosed in 468 cases in the United States in 2014, which increased more than fivefold to 2,519 cases by 2018, in the course of only four years. Part of the reason is that several clinics give young people puberty blocker from the age of 11 instead of the former age of 16.

According to the research, the number of diagnoses of sexual dysphoria has increased to such an extent because clinics dealing with the sexual development of children are under pressure from the LGBTQ lobby.

Psychotherapist Marcus Evans, former head of The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, has given an interview on children’s sexual development. “I believe the trans political agenda has encroached on the clinical environment surrounding and within the Gender Identity Development Service,” Evans said. “Young people need an independent clinical service that has the long-term interests of the patient at heart.”

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