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Leftist press lies even in its questions

While more and more footage and personal reports are coming to light about possible scams from the US, tech companies and the leftist press are trying to pretend nothing has happened. In other cases, however, they shared fake news several times.

Silicon Valley tech giants and the US leftist press are conspicuously silent about the suspicious cases that have come to light in recent days since the presidential election.
According to Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the US House of Representatives, it is crystal clear that the left is trying to steal the presidential election.

Twitter started censoring posts as early as 3 November. In a post, President Donald Trump said that “we are up big, but they are trying to steal the election.”
The social site almost immediately added a label warning of misinformation. The label is still there to this day, and the tweet in the feed is unavailable to read.

This is not a unique case, as Twitter keeps hiding tweets from the president, and from others whose posts arouse a suspicion of fraud.

Facebook also censors posts. Mark Zuckerberg’s team has removed a group called “Stop the Steal” with 364,000 members on suspicion of spreading false information.

Nevertheless, more and more people are claiming that something is wrong with the presidential election, especially with the mail votes.

A postal worker, for example, claims that they were told to backdate mail-in ballots.

While another postal employee was recorded on a hidden camera telling a reporter that he would get him a handful of ballot paper.

Jill Stokke from Nevada reported that election officials refused to let her vote in-person, telling her that her mail-in ballot had been processed.

While Donald Trump was talking about fraud at his recent press conference, CNN released a fact-finding article with the title: “Trump delivers the most dishonest speech of his presidency.” According to CNN, it is “entirely baseless” to talk about fraud, as Trump’s opponents are not trying to “steal” the election.

The president’s speech was also criticised by the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Trump’s press conference was broadcast live on the leftist MSNBC, with anchor Brian Williams cutting in just 35 seconds into the president’s remarks to fact-check. NBC and CBS also cut off the broadcast, but CNN and Fox News did not.

USA TODAY also made the decision to take down Trump’s news conference after the president questioned the integrity of the election. The editor-in-chief wrote in a statement that Trump’s remarks were unfounded.

 In a twitter post, Donald Trump Jr drew attention to the double standards of the leftist press.

 One of the biggest broadcasters of the ‘Russia collusion’ was CNN, which is weird, as the channel was clearly unwilling to report on the corruption cases of Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. After the New York Post’s scandalous Hunter Biden report, CNN gave no airtime to it.

This is not the first time CNN has reported fake news, and the United States is not the only country involved.

In October, they published false information about Poland in connection with the alleged ‘LGBT-free zones’. The article received a response from the Embassy of Poland in the US. In their statement, they wrote that in Poland the rights of the LGBTQ community are guaranteed and the ‘LGBT-free zone’ signs were placed by LGBTQ activists, not the authorities.

 In April, it was Hungary’s turn for fake news, this time by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. The reporter already lied in her question, stating that the Hungarian Parliament was practically closed down due to the pandemic. This statement had to be corrected by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto.

“Now you have been engaged in spreading another fake news about Hungary, sorry to say, because you just said that the parliament is blocked in Hungary which is not true. The parliament is in session. For example, this week the parliament was in session for three days,” the minister said.


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