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Jacques Guillemain: France is hostage to its own minorities

By László Szőcs

Nations that refuse to acknowledge the threat of Islam are exposing themselves to a tragic future, says Jacques Guillemain, a former French Air Force fighter pilot and publicist whose new book macron, France’s worst gravedigger in his country, has been published. According to Guillemain, brainwashing carried out in the name of political correctness has caused irreversible damage to the French elite, and few people see the threat of mass immigration like Viktor Orbán in Hungary. Here is an interview guillemain with the Hungarian daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet.

As a fighter pilot who fought for the French Republic, you have now written a very critical book about the President of the Republic. Is it a revolt of the uniformed or something else?

Not an uprising of the uniformed, but a personal “cry for help”, in which I expose the policies of Emmanuel Macron, who leads us into a self-identity catastrophe and a racist chaos by making France the drain for all the misery of the world. When you have served your country for twenty-five years and then faced with the current degradation, you have no choice but to rebel against those who are destroying our thousand-year-old nation. In Hungary, you are fortunate to have a reasonable leader who knows exactly where mass immigration, which is completely alien to our culture and our Judeo-Christian roots, can lead. However, his question points to a real problem. I wrote the book in April, which turned out to be ominous, because a few days later, in an open letter to the government, generals warned of an immigration catastrophe that would plunge us into the abyss if nothing changed. This fantastic opinion article was signed by sixty generals and thousands of soldiers, including retired soldiers, and triggered a great echo that deeply depressed those in power. In fact, the armed forces are concerned, and they say it out loud, both the retired officers and many active officers who have expressed their approval by keeping their names secret.

What is France’s biggest problem today and who is responsible for it? You call Macron the worst gravedigger, but who are the others? And what solutions do you propose?

The main problem, which also threatens the survival of France, is the non-European immigration that has persisted for decades, causing a deep rift in our identity and an Islamization that is slowly leading to the division of the country. Entire neighborhoods have become “mini-caliphates,” as some police officers call them. This immigration madness is destroying us and dragging the country into the abyss. Many Muslims do not want to integrate and want to impose their way of life on us. Three quarters of our young Muslims put religion above the republic, i.e. Sharia (Islamic law) above the constitution! France could not be in greater danger. Crime has increased fivefold in half a century, making France, which was still an island of peace in 1960, one of the most dangerous states in Europe. Every day we are exposed to a thousand non-targeted attacks and one hundred and twenty knife attacks, and we live under the constant threat of terrorism. The responsibility for this lies with our leaders and elites, both on the right and on the left, who have opened the floodgates to immigration to such an extent that they have lost control of the situation. All the presidents who succeeded General Charles de Gaulle are guilty of selling out our country. They are all the gravediggers of France, but Macron has opened this valve in an unprecedented way. Every year, half a million immigrants, legal and illegal, come. Nor will those whose asylum application has been rejected be deported. With a birth rate of less than 200,000 newborns per year, the large population fluctuation is not a far-right fantasy, but an undeniable reality. What is the solution? Expulsion of illegal immigrants, closure of borders, abolition of family reunification, citizenship by birth in France, dual citizenship and retention of social benefits only for French people. Abolition of preferential treatment for foreigners. Islam must be relegated to the private sphere, and the anti-republican Islamist public discourse must be ruthlessly opposed. After all, it is imperative to give back to our police the power they have been deprived of and to bring order to the rebels who live in our cities according to their own laws. Our police are instructed not to intervene in certain neighborhoods because they fear unrest. A simple check and search can cause neighborhoods to go up in flames, cars to be set on fire, and looting to take place.

Jacques Guillemain

Recently you told a French newspaper: “If we had listened to Jean-Marie Le Pen forty years ago instead of demonizing him, France would not be on the brink now. What do you mean by that?

Le Pen was right before anyone else when he sounded the alarm bells in the 1980s, but the elites refused to acknowledge it. The country is in danger, and the French come first – that was his slogan. You here in Hungary know very well how well these messages were justified. Never bow to the pro-immigration dictates from Brussels! In France, on the other hand, intellectual terrorism is a totalitarian machine that Le Pen demonized in the name of coexistence and anti-racism. We see the result. Forty years later, France is in a state of advanced disintegration and has become hostage to its minorities.

In one of the prefaces to your book, you describe yourself as a populist leper. What does this mean for the French context?

It is an allusion to a speech by Macron in which he denounces the “populist leper” as the country’s cancer. For him, nation and homeland are outdated values doomed in the name of globalism and multiculturalism. He is more European than French. For Macron, I am a patriot who defends his Judeo-Christian roots and his Greek-Latin culture.

Who will win the 2022 presidential election? Does Marine Le Pen stand a chance? Who do you support?

This is a difficult question, but let us hope so. Few candidates are aware of the great civilizational challenge we face. Forty years of brainwashing in the name of political correctness have caused irreversible damage to our elites. Le Pen had illusions in the 2017 presidential election campaign. Unfortunately, it collapsed in the televised debate against Macron and has made the world aware of its dramatic weaknesses. In my opinion, this was an irreparable disaster. My supporter will soon announce his candidacy, and if he wins, I can assure you that in a few years we will not recognize France. He is a brilliant, courageous and determined man who is fully aware of the country’s problems and knows what to do. He is the exact opposite of Macron. Éric Zemmour, the outstanding journalist who is well versed in geopolitics and world affairs and is the heart and soul of France. It is a country that, above all, must be deeply loved if it is to be saved. We must fight an existential struggle. The cradle of our civilization is not in Mecca, but in ancient Rome and Greece. Those peoples who refuse to acknowledge the threat posed by Islam are exposing themselves to a tragic future.

“Immigration policy is a national right – individual peoples have the right to determine who they want to live with in order to defend themselves against the invasion of immigration. I am on hungary’s side in this matter,” Éric Zemmour said in an interview with Magyar Nemzet two years ago. He is one of the most cited French intellectuals and said that under current trends, there could be 10–12 million Muslims in France by 2030. But the non-French population must accept the cultural model that has developed over the centuries,” he added.

Source: Magyar Nemzet


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