‘Blood was running down my face’: German AfD MP recalls details of ‘politically motivated’ attack


When I came ‘round I realized that I was lying in the street… Blood was running down my face.

German police say the AfD party chairman in Bremen was knocked down with a “lightning-quick” blow in a suspected “politically motivated” attack that left Frank Magnitz unconscious and with a “bone-deep laceration” to his forehead.

The account of events surrounding the attack on the leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party in Bremen on Monday night still remains murky, because the victim of the assault was left senseless in the ambush.

Magnitz told RT that he has never seen his attackers, who crept up on him from behind just as he passed two construction workers after leaving a New Year’s reception near Bremen’s Goetheplatz.“I was knocked unconscious,” Magnitz said.