Tucker Carlson Takes on ‘Highly Partisan’ and ‘Desperately Unhappy’ Media

(Photo by Instagram)

The results of a recent research poll signify the astonishing resentment the American people have toward the press.

According to the study, the vast majority of the country distrusts the liberal media. Talking heads at CNN and MSNBC dedicate their livelihoods to lambasting the duly elected President, yet they are puzzled as to why the population holds them in low standing.

During a segment on Friday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight with author Robby Soave of Reason Magazine, Fox News host Tucker Carlson wondered: “And so, the press is what it is. They have taken a highly partisan, very aggressive position against a sitting president, fine. Why not just admit it? Why lecture the rest of us about how they are objective?”

Soave discussed the pompous attitudes among many in the media, and their refusal to analyze their biased reporting.

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