Italy at a crossroads: to leave or to stay in the EU

(Photo by Instagram)

Salvini’s game of irritating Brussels continues as Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister has recently proposed a dual currency for his nation.

However, the EU is equally concerned about Salvini’s plan to launch a “fiscal shock” to Italy’s economy by proposing a flat tax of 15 percent. “We need a Trump cure, an Orban cure, a positive fiscal shock to restart the country,” he told one radio station.

The Daily Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard referred to him as the “master of Rome,” after he justified his plans for a dual currency by declaring “I don’t govern a country on its knees.” The Telegraph columnist is right – he may be Deputy Prime Minister, but Salvini is calling the shots.

Members of the Group of Fiscal Money produced an article for Politico which argued that an Italian dual currency is possible.
They state that it could be used to avoid the uncertainties of exiting the euro, while allowing Italy to recover economically without breaking any EU rules.