Holiday Massacres of Christians: A New Fact of Life

(Photo by Instagram)

Notably, other Christian holidays, especially Christmas, are also prime times for Islamic terror, and for the same reasons — to make a “point” and because at that time, churches are especially packed.

Commenting on the most recent carnage of Christians Easter Sunday’s bombing campaign in Sri Lanka, where more than 250 people were murdered the country’s archbishop said,”we never expected a thing to happen and especially on Easter Sunday.”

Sadly, as bombed churches and massacred worshippers during Christian holy days have become the new norm, he and everyone else should expect exactly that.

Although the Islamic terrorist bombings that rocked Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday — killing more than 250 people, most in churches — have shocked many, spectacular terrorist attacks on Easter are far more common than supposed.

Jihadi logic is simple:not only do attacks on Christians during their greatest holidays make a symbolic point; but because churches are often packed then especially Easter,or Resurrection Sunday also potentially offer the greatest harvest in casualties.