EU puts money first we put jobs first! Italy nails BATTLE OF BELIEFS ‘which will split EU’

(Photo by Instagram)

ITALY’S intensely eurosceptic Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini should not be “underestimated” as he attempts to ally with Marine Le Pen and take down the eurozone.

The grave warning to the EU was made by political commentator Brian Maguire on Euronews after EU Parliament President Antonio Tajani gave a statement claiming populists in Italy were isolating the Mediterranean nation.

Mr Tajani said: “Italy is isolated. When you shout, scream and insult then you remain alone and results are very modest.” Euronews host Tesa Arcilla asked Mr Maguire: “The Salvini-Le Pen alliance… does it seems that now he’s shopping for friends?

“Does it seem that Italy is actually more isolated now after the election results came?”

Without hesitation, Mr Maguire fired back: “Don’t underestimate Salvini.