Former Liberal Premier Slams Trudeau’s Actions as ‘Stupid’

(Photo by Instagram)

Former Liberal Party Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne has slammed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, claiming his blackface photos have hurt Canada’s international reputation.

The former provincial leader made her remarks during an interview on Friday, stating that Liberals across Canada were now faced with the challenge of weighing their beliefs against what she labelled the “stupid” actions of Trudeau, broadcaster CP24 reports.

“It was a really bad decision that he did these things, a kind of stupid decision really to have done then. He should have known better and he’s said that,” Ms Wynne said, and added that she and others do not believe Trudeau to be a racist but added, “They believe he did a stupid thing.”

Wynne has been a long-time ally of Trudeau and even helped him on the campaign trail during the 2015 election before her landslide defeat to current Conservative Interior Premier Doug Ford in June of last year.

“I’m annoyed. I’m a Liberal and I’m not happy with this. I’m not happy that he did this. I’m not happy that it wasn’t known before,” she said.