Fewer than One in Three Italians Happy with New Coalition

(Photo by Instagram)

According to a new poll, only 32 per cent of Italians are positive about the new coalition deal between the populist Five Star Movement and the establishment left-wing Democratic Party (PD).

Nearly have of those who responded to the poll, 44 per cent, held a negative view of the new coalition which met the approval of members of the Five Star Movement (M5S) earlier this week, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

The majority of voters say that a new government, rather than the previous one between the M5S and populist leader Matteo Salvini’s League party, would be preferable, but they were negative about the new coalition. When asked separately if they would back fresh elections, 55 per cent agreed.

Polls also show that the current coalition would not have the votes to form a government if an election were held and that Salvini’s League still remains in first place with 35 per cent of the vote and the centre-right alliance, of which the League is a member, could see a result of nearly 50 per cent.