United Nations Slams Sweden For Arresting too Many Children

(Photo by Instagram)

The United Nations has criticised Sweden for an increase in children being detained, as statistics from the Swedish prosecutor’s office have revealed.

In Sweden, the detainment of a minor is generally only used when no other solutions are available to the authorities but despite this, there has been a rise in the number of arrests followed by detainment over the last year, Sveriges Radio reports. 

The Ombudsman for Children (BO) says that they hope the situation will change, noting a report which stated: “When we met children in 2013, they were isolated for 22 or more of the 24 hours of the day; that is to be equated to torture according to the UN.”

Youth Prosecutor Sara Stolper told Sveriges Radio: “In cases where an arrest is needed, it is precisely in cases where there is a young person who can influence the investigation, then there is often no alternative to guaranteeing that a person does not contact fellow suspects or witnesses.”

Sweden has seen several high profile criminal cases involving underage suspects, including that of a 15-year-old Afghan migrant who was found guilty of attempted murder in December last year.