NATO Member Norway Admits It Cannot Defend Itself

(Photo by Instagram)

The head of the Norwegian Armed Forces’ operational headquarters (FOH) has admitted that as a result of failing to upgrade the country’s military, Norway would not be able to defend itself in an attack.

Speaking to Norway’s state broadcaster NRK, Lieutenant-General Rune Jakobsen said, “If there is an attack in the classical sense, then we do not have the robustness that is necessary [to defend ourselves].” 

“The most serious issue is the size of the land,” Lt Gen Jakobsen said. “Reactivity, robustness, and endurance in all branches of defence are too low, and to be concrete:

The army is too small in relation to the tasks it has and what is expected of Norway and in NATO.”

Lt Gen Jakobsen said in his assessment that Norway needs two new warships, two new submarines, and a better plan for the transition from old to new materiel in the Air Force.