Germany: ‘Experts’ Say ‘Islamophobia’ Behind Muslim Anti-Semitism

(Photo by Instagram)

Rising ‘Islamophobia’ in Germany is behind anti-Semitic attitudes amongst Muslim youths living in the country, according to a study by taxpayer-funded “experts”.

The findings of a three-year project to highlight and tackle anti-Semitism in Muslim school pupils in Germany were published in a report announced by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (FACE) Monday,

entitled ‘Extremism out — Empowerment instead of anti-Semitism’. 

The three-year project saw “experts” from the Liberal Islamic Federation and the Ibis Institute for Interdisciplinary Counseling and Intercultural Seminars work at schools on a programme aiming to

“shed light on and dispel anti-Semitic attitudes among young people who follow the Muslim faith in order to empower and support them in understanding their independence and autonomy as part of German society”.