France: 72 Percent of Parisians Think About Leaving Capital

(Photo by Instagram)

A majority of French say they are fed up with their current living environment, according to a new survey, and they would much rather live in a rural village than a big city.

The study, which was taken by L’observatoire société et consommation (L’OBSOCO)revealed that six out of ten French were not happy in their living environment and that the overwhelming majority wanted a quieter life in the countryside, La Vie Immo reports.

In the French capital of Paris, around 72 percent of the residents say they think about living somewhere else a lot, compared to only 26 percent nationally.

“This is an important proportion, not all of them will necessarily go into the project, but it is a very strong aspiration,” said sociologist Simon Burell.

“It is clear that this aspiration emanates from the populations of large cities who deplore the rhythms of life that are too busy, living environments that are polluted and are in search of alternatives,” he added.