UK Parliament Votes on Theresa May’s Brexit Deal For Second and Probably Final Time


The House of Commons, Britain’s lower legislative chamber, is voting again on whether to accept Theresa May’s slightly modified Brexit deal which it already rejected in January.

The vote comes 32 months after the British people voted to leave the European Union by a margin of over a million votes, the largest democratic exercise in British history.

The decision was a major upset to the British political class, which all but totally supported keeping the UK inside the EU, and has since been working on Brexit negotiations at near-snail’s pace,

running down the clock on finding an answer on how to leave the European Union until the very last days until the country is legally mandated to leave the Union.

The most significant thing we now know is that Members of Parliament will have the opportunity tomorrow to vote unwhipped — that is to say, without being compelled to vote one way or another by the Conservative party machine —

on whether to take so-called no deal Brexit off the table.