Macron in deep trouble: Now even now even the ambulance service joins the protests

(Photo: Screenshot Global news)

Anti-Macron protests in France are gaining speed. Yesterday we saw firefighters turn their backs on elected officials, police removing their helmets in a show of solidarity with the protesters and Monday morning, more than one hundred ambulance drivers protested in Paris.

At 5:30am the paramedics blocked the Place de la Concorde in downtown Paris, blaring sirens and holding banners criticising the government-mandated reforms in how ambulances are paid for their services, according to France Info.

The protests began on 17 November in response to the tax on diesel rising 23 per cent in just 12 months. The protesters taking to the streets wearing the high visibility yellow vests which are compulsory in all vehicles in France.

The protests have seen even school students in solidarity with the yellow vest movement calling for Macron to resign over education reforms.

The ambulance services joining the fire and police services in a country of civil unrest against a globalist President who, despite his plummeting approval ratings, has flirted with the idea of calling for a state of emergency.

He has dug his heels in stating he will not back down from his climate change agenda and that fuel duty will rise again in the new year.