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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Last night in Sweden: Massive explosion second night in a row in Malmö

An explosive device was detonated in a restaurant in the migrant area Rosengård in Malmö on Tuesday night.

The loud bang was heard all over Malmö. The police, who have opened a preliminary investigation of devastation endangering the public, blocked off a large area around the restaurant.

“We’ve had an explosion here, a rather powerful one. The whole restaurant is damaged.”, says Sergeant Peter Ljungsryd.

The National Bomb Squad is on-site and will carry out a Post-Blast Investigation to find out what has exploded.

“Sometimes you can find both DNA and fingerprints in Post-Blast Investigations, it is not always destroyed,” says Police Inspector Thomas Söderberg.

Forensic technicians are on-site as well, looking for evidence that can be linked to the perpetrators.

The police haven’t revealed if there are any witnesses to the incident and have said they don’t know if the restaurant or owner has received any threats.




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