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Friday, September 22, 2023

Intelligence services: Islamic terrorism has never disappeared from Europe

According to intelligence services, the threat of terrorist attacks in Europe is “long-term.” Radical Islamism has not disappeared in recent years, but most attacks have not become known to the wide public due to the low number of victims. Rather than extensive attacks, the current problem is the terrorist acts of individuals that are difficult to predict.

The murder of the teacher in Paris, the massacre in the church in Nice, and the terrorist attack in the center of Vienna on Monday are just a few examples of attacks in recent weeks. Besides them, there were several other incidents, which have since been forgotten, such as the machete attack in Dresden or violence and murders in the French suburbs.

With the number of terrorist attacks increasing, the question often arises: Is a new wave of violence motivated by radical Islam coming to Europe?

Intelligence services agree that, in principle, this is not the case, as Islamic terrorism has never actually disappeared from Europe.

According to them, the perception that there have been less attacks in the last two to three years has merely been due to the public not being aware of the real numbers and ongoing threat.



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