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Friday, September 22, 2023

Hungarian PM announces bold seven-point action plan to fight population decline

BUDAPEST – Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced here on Sunday in his annual speech a bold seven-point action plan on helping families with children in order to tackle population decline.

According to Orban, whose speech has been broadcast by public television channel M1, the first point of his plan is to support young couples, with each woman under 40 years old to receive a loan of 10 million forints (around $35,000).

After giving birth to three children, the loan would not have to be paid back, and would become a non-refundable support.

The second point aims to expand the beneficiary state-credit scheme set up by the government to help young couples acquire their first apartment.

The third point deals with mortgages. The government vows to pay one million forints of the parents’ mortgage after the birth of a second child, and 4 million forints after the birth of a third child.








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