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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Green member of the Bundestag cheered “Never again Germany” calls in the football stadium


You can hardly express your hatred of your homeland more openly than the Greens in the Bundestag and members of the government (!). In the tradition of his party colleague Robert Habeck (and others), the Green member of the Bundestag Sven Lehmann wrote on Twitter in 2014 about his dislike of Germany.

Happy about “Never again Germany” calls

The Cologne-based Lehmann is now not only a member of the Bundestag, but also Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry for Family Affairs (!) and ” Queer Commissioner of the Federal Government”. These ideology posts, financed monthly by the taxpayer with tens of thousands of euros, are now feeding the Greens who in the past gave free rein to their hatred of Germany. 

On Twitter in 2014, Lehmann celebrated that the football fans of south-west Cologne wore the DFB jersey decorated with Antifa stickers in the stadium, but also chanted “Never again Germany” in the same breath. The tweet is still publicly viewable:


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