Government drafts bill to regulate tech giants

Hungary Justice Minister Judit Varga. (Photo: V4 Agency)

By: V4 Agency

In consultation with the heads of the responsible institutions, the justice ministry will submit a bill to parliament in the spring on regulating the operation of big tech companies in Hungary, Justice Minister Judit Varga announced on social media on Tuesday.

She said all the government wanted was to ensure that tech giants operate in a legal, transparent and controllable manner. “Nothing more than what applies to other companies and small businesses, too.”

Judit Varga wrote: “we keep cooperating with the EU in the preparation of similar regulations but recent events have shown that we need to act faster to defend people. Today, everyone can be arbitrarily switched off from the online space without any official, transparent and fair proceeding and legal remedy. They can switch off bakers, hairdressers, pensioners, teachers, SMEs and state leaders as well.”

Causing digital damage deliberately, whether motivated by ideology or business goals, cannot remain without consequences in Hungary, the justice minister wrote. She concluded her post by adding: “Freedom is never voluntarily given. Now we need to fight for digital freedom too! Go Hungary!”