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Generation Identity Hungary: We are the only centre-right youth political movement that opposes the leftist influence on youth

Generation Identity works in many European countries, including Hungary. Movement of predominantly young people, mainly students or fresh graduates of Hungarian universities, especially the University of Budapest, cooperate with sympathizers in other European countries, including the Generation Identity in Slovenia.

Our magazine has sent GI Hungary some questions about their work and their views on the situation both in Hungary and in Europe. Our “online friend” is Ábel Bódi, co-leader of the Hungarian Generation of Identity. Ábel, 26, graduated from wildlife engineering and lives in Budapest.

What are the aims of Generation Identity Hungary?

The short-term goal of our movement is to ensure the presence at higher education institutions. The long-term goal of the movement is to succeed in educating trustworthy, identitarian politics that will be able to lead our country successfully in the future. This can only be achieved by facing and breaking the left-wing hegemony that dominates our universities.

Three years ago, during the migrant wave in autumn 2015, the archbishop of Pecs estimated that they are not “refugees”, that we are facing invasion of Europe. Do you agree with this statement?

I fully agree with the assessment that this migration is essentially an invasion of Europe. Both of us, we in Hungary, as well as you in Slovenia, are virtually on the front line and we were the first two EU members, who experienced this invasion of Europe. Well, it is enough if you look at the bare numbers that this is clear to you – over eighty percent of those so-called refugees were adult men. But you can also look towards the Mediterranean, where the ships of NGOs “solve” migrants. There are as many as ninety percent of these people of young men and these men in extremely good physical condition.

According to your experience, when comparing the security situation in Hungary and the security situation in Western Europe, the border fence is a successful way to stop mass illegal migration into European countries?

In my opinion, the fence is an absolutely successful way to stop these illegal migrations. The only thing that disturbs me when setting up a border fence is that we should built it earlier, before the migrant hordes started flooding our country. Otherwise, I think that the best solution to the migrant problem is the one that Australia has recently been practicing. That is, they consistently stop all migrants and send them without exception to where they came from. Fence is therefore the first step towards solving the problem. And this step should also be made by other European countries.

Generation Identity Hungary participates in several “Stop Migration” actions in other European countries. Recently, there was a highly publicized action on the Italian-French border. Can you tell us more about these actions?

On Italian-French border was the third of the actions “Defend Europe”. The first two campaigns were carried out last year in the Mediterranean, with the help of the C-Star ship that we acquired. It was a propaganda campaign with which we urged solutions that would stop migration to Europe. The campaigns were successful, as our messages came to the public and became anchored in public. Moreover, our messages have been “adopted” by some prominent European politicians, such as those who are now in positions of power, such as the Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. We have shown that solutions for migration problem can be found if we really want to. The third mission, the one in the Alps, was slightly different. Unlike the first two, which were primarily propaganda, the third mission, in fact, closed the border symbolically. With this campaign we have shown true European unity in the desire to protect our borders. The response of the public to this border security campaign was magnificent. The French public did not merely agree with our campaign, but they also started to pressure their own government, and finally, due to this pressure, the French interior minister had to give a statement to the media, in which he promised that the government would protect the French borders. With our campaign, we “placed under a magnifying glass” a problem, which authorities want to dismis as insignificant and the success did not fail.

Ábel Bódi

Such actions are not all of your activities,  you are also publishing promotional material, organizing sessions, lectures. Can you tell us something about these other Generation Identity activities?

In Hungary, we devote a large part of our work to the fight against Marxist hegemony on the metapolitic field. The left-wingers were defeated twice, first time in 1989 and the second time in 2010, but they did not vanish after the defeat. They retreated, mostly in higher education system and from there they continued their work. Lecturers across universities, aside conventional lectures, devote much of their work to “tolerant” ideological teaching (Marxism and other leftist ideologies). We from the Generation of Identity are in fact the only centre-right youth political movement that opposes the leftist influence on youth. For this reason, we are constantly “on the street” with promotional material, leaflets, labels. We are attacking the ideologies of cultural Marxism, such as the theory of gender. It was a great campaign in which we won, as the government intends to ban its teaching at state universities. We are the only movement that has opened up the question, the only movement that was ready to enter into the confrontation with this pseudo science, which opened the space for discussions in which we also won.

Would you agree with the assessment that mass migration is not the only threat to the traditions and culture of the European peoples? That the same pervasive threat is represented by various pacifist, atheistic, LGBT and other progressive movements promoted by the left liberal Western European elites?

I fully agree with this assessment. Sometimes in conversations, my friends from western European countries ask why in Hungary we have a Generation Identity movement, that there is no need for it, that everything is in the best order … Well, we are far from “everything is in the best order”. The political support of the people is fluctuating. And we can expect that at some point, as it has already happened before, support will be gained by the leftists. Then all Marxists and other leftists  currently »hidding« in universities or elsewhere will come to the forefront again. And in this case, we must be ready, we must have enough dedicated people to prevent the leftists from destroying our homeland again.

Would you agree that “progressive” movements are associated with mass migration, in order to deliberately weaken Europe and made it incapable of resisting this invasion of the Third World?

I would rather use the term postmodern movement for these movements, because I think it is more precise than the mark of progressive movements. Progressivity means that someone is able to develop, go a step further and these movements are not capable of such move. In addition, all these postmodernists, LBGTQ and the rest of Soros’s movements, are ordinary hypocrites. The aforementioned “Defend Europe” action, which we carried out in the Mediterranean last year, clearly showed that all these NGOs are responsible for many deaths among migrants when crossing the Mediterranean. Thev brag that they solve people from sea, but they completely forget to mention that because of their actions, a large part of these people even go to the dangerous path in which they risk their lives and some of them actually lose it. Also these NGOs, after they “successful rescue” migrants and deliver them on European shores, do not even think or care about the consequences of their actions- that mass migrations not only destroy our European cultural identity, but also ruining the economy of European countries- they must sustain hundereds of thousends of migrants.

So you support the latest moves by the Hungarian government to expel left liberal organizations financed and lead by the left liberal elites, especially those organizations that are influenced by George Soros?

These moves are only at an early stage. For some organizations, procedures have not yet started; in some they are ongoing, but organizations are still operating. I will be, of course, the happiest person in the world if all of Orban’s forecasts of the expulsion of these organizations are realized.

Globalist media in the West, in their negative propaganda against Hungary, often argue that many young Hungarians emigrate to the West. Is this a fake news?

Unfortunately, it is true that many young people, my generation, move abroad or at least think about going abroad. The Hungarian economy is still lagging behind those in Western countries.  These youngsters are, as a rule, apolitical and becouse of that, they are so blinded by the idyllic image portrayed by globalist media that some even link the economic performance of Western countries with multiculturalism. So they go abroad with the hope that they will quickly earn good money. It is a great shame that they leave and take their youthful energy abroad, while we need it here to develop and improve our own economy.

On the other hand, we hear that people from western European countries, notably from Germany, are thinking about moving to Hungary, mainly because of security reasons. Is this true?

Yes, in recent years, more and more “migrants” from Western European countries are leaving their homes and moving to Budapest, which is one of the last remnants of old Europe.

Recently, the city of Szekesfehervar sent a promotional video to the European City of the Year competition. The Commission rejected video (and candidature) because of “over-displaying Christian symbols, too many happy white people and too few minorities.” What would you say about this rejection?

I heard about this case; it seems to me that at least officially they found another pretext that they rejected the video, but what you mentioned (too little “diversity”, too many Christian symbols etc.) played the main role in rejection. This example also shows us how serious is the opposition and what problems daily face members of the Identity Generation in West European countries. We in Central Europe managed to protect our heritage, but those in the west … They completely lost contact with their ethno-cultural heritage.

But that is precisely why Hungary is constantly under attack by globalist media, Western NGOs and institutions in Brussels …

It is true that Hungary is constantly under attack, even in European courts, but as far I know, they have not been able to reach any judgment that would actually harm us.

They also attack the Generation Identity movement. Did you or your members or GI Hungary faced attacks by progresives or mainstream media? Did Facebook, Twitter, Youtube closed your web site or acconut?  

Yes, they did. GI Hungary lost Facebook page, with 11,000 followers, also on Instagram, where we had over thousands of them, and the pages are closed on some other networks as well. They deleted my personal Facebook page and my private one is currently banned for 1 month beacuse I’ve shared a picture of our members. Lately, they have been systematically blocking all pages that feature “lambda”, a symbol of our movement. On the other hand, they dont delete openly aggressive pages of leftist movements, they are even rising in numbers.

All those who oppose mass migrations and the destruction of European traditions are regularly labeled by globalists as racists, neo-Nazis, xenophobes, etc. What do you think about these labels?

Nonsense, we are a centre-right movement. As such, we open debates about social problems, which left-wingers do not want to debate, as they would prove to be liars and will lose all credibility in the public. So in their powerlessness. They can only resort to such labeling. Anyone who wants to deepen into our ideology, in what we do, can quickly realize that the tags you mentioned are not true.


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