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Generation Identity Denmark: “We are all rooted deeply in the ethnocultural identity.”

Danish branch of Generation Identity has recently organized a symbolic vigil for all the victims of multiculturalism in front of the Ministry of Migration in Copenhagen. After the terrorist attacks that we witnessed in the past days, they also organized actions through which the warned the public of the dangers of Islamic terrorism.

Their spokesperson Frederik Rye Skov talked with us about the troubles that are caused by mass migrations, about the reasons for the censorship of the identitarians, and about how to best resist the great demographic replacement of Europeans.  

Recently you held a symbolic vigil for all the victims of multiculturalism. Please tell us a bit more about this event? 

A group of activists went to the Ministry of Migration in Copenhagen. We were all dressed in black and we carried a white coffin through the streets. When we got to the Ministry of Migration, we put the coffin in front of their building, put down flowers, and lit candles for the many Europeans who lost their lives due to the current migration policies. We also held up signs that said ”Multi culture kills” and pictures of Tommie Lindh, Maria Ladenburger, and Mads Skjoldsøge. They were all killed by migrants. Tommie Lindh was killed in Sweden while trying to defend a woman against a rapist. Maria Ladenburger was killed and raped by a migrant who came to Germany pretending to be underage after he had thrown a young woman off a cliff in Greece. Mads Skjoldsøge was stabbed and killed by a migrant over a dispute about something as stupid as a cigarette lighter. We chose these three cases as representative of the problems with migrant violence in Europe today.  

So, the immigrant violence present quite a big problem for Danish society?

Many people from the older generations grew up when there were very few migrants and don’t realize the problems with migrant violence. But every young person today knows that if a group of migrants walks into the subway train or you pass them in the street, you have to keep your head down if you don’t want trouble. That is the reality for most young people, at least in the cities in Denmark. Sometimes the violence and attacks against the native peoples of Europe from migrants even have fatal consequences. We wanted to show that with this action. 

When so-called ”humanists” talk about how we need to take in more migrants and they show pictures of people in dingys on the Mediterranean, they never talk about the price that the indigenous Europeans are paying in the form of unsafe societies, rape, and violence. They hate their own peoples and only have eyes for the well-being of the migrants. They don’t care about their own.  

What is the current situation regarding mass migration in Denmark?  

Last year we were at the same level of asylum seekers as in 2012. Though it has been higher the influx is constant and even if we were to shut off migration completely tomorrow the number of people with a non-European background would continue to grow because we have so many that live in parallel societies within Denmark. We see how much the demographic shift changes everything in Denmark. They have their own shops and restaurants, and in some areas, foreign influence has completely pushed out Danish culture.  

How does this reflect in criminal statistics?

Regarding crime, there is a strong overrepresentation in crime statistics of certain groups of foreigners such as Somali or Palestinians. The children of migrants are even more criminal than the migrants themselves, unfortunately, so it seems to get worse after a generation. Migrants and their descendants are one and a half times more likely to become rapists than Danish men for instance. Male descendants of non-Western backgrounds are 245% more criminal than the male population as a whole. At the end of last year, the number of reported violent crimes reached the same high level as in 1995.  

How does mass migration affect the cultural aspects of your country? Is Denmark losing its identity due to the influx of foreigners? 

As I mentioned before it is visually quite obvious. We have had many cases where Muslim migrants want halal foods in kindergartens for instance. They demand special treatment because what we eat and what we do often is unclean to them.  We think thatthe loss of identity is actually more the reason that we have allowed mass migration to begin with. It is like we don’t value our own culture and people enough to protect it. The main reason for this loss of sense of what is important stems from liberalist ideology and the idea that people are the same and that everyone will just adapt to our way of living when they come here. It turns out that this didn’t happen. Identity is important, and migrants are not going t give up who they are just because they come to live here. It has been very surprising for the left-wing and liberal establishment that integration was impossible, and they haven’t really discovered it yet, because they basically view people as blank slates that can just be formed as one wish to. But that is not how it is. We are all rooted deeply in the ethnocultural identity.  

Which migrants cause the most troubles for the general population and what is the opinion of everyday Danish people regarding migrations? 

Mostly migrants from Muslim countries. Somali, Pakistanis, Syrians, Lebanese, etc. Today most people want limited migration, and about a third of the population want to send Muslims out. You can’t win the election here if you want open borders. We have a social democrat government and they only got elected because they took the speaking points of the populist right. We are still waiting for them to deliver on their campaign promises though. 

What is in your opinion the best way to oppose this great demographic replacement of European peoples?

Remigration. We think that criminal migrants, illegals, and others who have no right to be here should be deported. Those who cannot be deported should be encouraged to leave through a mixture of economic incentives and limitation of for example the Islamist lifestyle and such, which will make it harder for the migrants who really would rather live in the Middle East than in Denmark to live here. They should leave by themselves, really. 

We recently made a proposal for 30 different remigration initiatives. We made a booklet with them and sent them to every single Danish member of parliament in order to inspire them. We hope that they will listen to us.  

(Photo: GI Denmark)

Do you support any political party?

Dansk Folkeparti and Nye Borgerlige are two right-wing parties in parliament that we think do great work. We are not party-affiliated but will support any strong move to restrict migration no matter which party made it if we think it is good. It is more important to defend Denmark and Europe than the name or colour of the party.  

Generation Identity has been facing censorship for the last few years. What can you tell us about this?  

Well, we do get hassled by big tech companies. For instance, try to search for the German identitarian movement in Google and you will not find their website. Google has removed it from the search results. If you do the same search in DuckDuckGo for instance, you will not see such a problem. The funny thing is that if you search for violent leftwing groups Google does not censor them. Facebook do not allow our name and logo on their platform. You can actually get your profile deleted just for having pictures on your profile of Martin Sellner from the Austrian identitarian movement.

What do you believe is the main cause for such censorship?

 It is ridiculous, but it also shows how foolish it is to leave the most important communication structures to the market. In the society we live in, liberal society, the principle of the market comes before the principle of the peoples of the nations. Liberal governments and also multinational companies, big tech, and so on are mostly interested in growth and profit, and to this end, they want to further the free flow of labour, services, and capital. We are against that. We have no problems with markets, but we don’t want a market society. We should not be slaves of the economy, rather it should serve the interests of the people. This is why they don’t like us. We go against the global homogenization that serves their purposes.  

For the end tell us where do you see Denmark and Europe in the near future?

It is hard to say. Will we awake and take our countries back or will we go back to sleep and just die out? We believe that it is indeed possible to wake up the people of Europe and that change is a real possibility. This is what we fight for every day.  

These last weeks we have seen a new influx of terror. Heads have been chopped off in France. People shoot down in the streets of Vienna. It is very obvious to us that more people are growing to understand that we have let in the enemy to our own homes and now he walks among us. People are growing tired of ”prayers and thoughts” and empty words every time terrorists attack Europeans. Now they want action. They want to know what is to be done. That is positive.  

In the end, it is down to the will of the Danish people and the European peoples what we will allow. We can take back our destiny.  


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