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Gender mania: Only more female form in job offers and addition (a) for “all”


As is well known, there are 146 gender professorships at universities in Germany and 50 gender professorships at universities of applied sciences. This corresponds almost to the number of pharmacy professorships (191). Since these immensely important teachers and other insiders cannot say that everything should fit now because of their work, new blessings for the people must naturally be hatched.

The range of madness then ranges from the demand for tampons and pads on men’s toilets or a third “gender-neutral” toilet in football stadiums. After all, one does not want to discriminate against people who do not know whether they are a male or a female.

But the German language is also subject to permanent rape, which is sometimes also expressed in job titles. For example, male professors at the UNIVERSITY of Dresden are to be addressed as “Herr Professorin”. Whether historians there also have to speak of the leader of the National Socialists, Mr. Adolf Hitler, is not known.

But even with job offers, the madness does not stop. With an “excavator driver (m,w,d)” is no longer done in the future. If you are looking for such a robust guy, you should (have to) write your job advertisement with “excavator driver (a)” in the future. Because the (a) stands for “all” and who says that an excavator driver is not also among the more than 50 genders that have been discovered in the meantime. Level.

If you can’t believe or grasp the madness, here’s the proof:

“Instead of (m/f/d), the city of Freiburg wants to use the addition (a) for “all” in job offers in the future. In addition, job titles should only be written in the female form. The Lord Mayor wants to “break stereotypes”, reports Die Welt,because

“All people – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, origin or religion – should feel directly addressed in this way.”

Furthermore, one learns there that a “colorful city also includes a colorful city administration” and the non-party Lord Mayor Martin Horn raves about this colorfulness then as follows:

“The innumerable, individual differences of a diverse society are an enrichment and should not only be taken into account, but also aggressively acquired by us in the future”

According to its own information, Feiburg has been using “diversity-compliant” salutations in tenders since 2018. The addition of brackets (f/m/d) was followed in 2019 by the so-called gender gap, i.e. an underscore as in the word “Lehrer_in”.

The question arises as to what a further increase in anti-discrimination will look like? Not an easy task for the lecturers (a) at the 191 professorships. But you can be sure that there is still enough room for improvement when it comes to gender madness.


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