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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Gay rights and immigrantion: left wing’s priorities during pandemic

By: V4 Agency

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis, the left-wing party is preoccupied with gay rights and supporting illegal immigrants.

The fight against homo- and transphobia, as well as for the automatic granting of Italian citizenship to children born in Italy, were among the priorities set by the Democratic Party.

Although a large number of Democratic Party supporters welcomed the plans, they will have to confront Lega, their right-wing coalition partner, before the priorities outlined above can be accomplished. Former Regional Minister Francesco Boccia (Democrat) has embarked on the process with a tweet warning Lega.

“Homo- and transphobia are hate crimes, as is misogyny. These crimes would be regulated by the Zan bill. Senator Ostellari and the Lega cannot silence speech in Parliament. We will soon appoint a free speaker void of Pillon’s prejudice or provocation,” Francesco Boccia writes.

By that he referred to the chairman of the Lega committee who, at the end of March, cancelled a meeting aimed at debating the bill, which would have paved the way to the beginning of the legislative process.

Andrea Marcucci, also a member of the Democratic Party, presented the draft “ius soli”, which would grant automatic citizenship to all those born in Italy.

“I hope we can agree in parliament about the earliest possible introduction of ‘ius soli,’ or the approval of ‘ius culturae’. According to ‘ius culturae’, all children should be granted citizenship if they go to school in Italy,” he said.


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