Fidesz: European Court wants to keep criminals in Hungary

foto: Demokracija

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) wants to keep criminals in Hungary instead of expelling them, ruling Fidesz said on Tuesday in reaction to a recent CJEU ruling concerning Shajin Ahmed, an Afghan national who had obtained refugee status in Hungary.


The court said that Hungary should not reject the Afghan man’s appeal for refugee status, even if he had attempted homicide, Fidesz communications director Balázs Hídvéghi told a press conference.

Ahmed’s refugee status was withdrawn and his request to get it back dismissed by the Hungarian authorities because of a final ruling by a Hungarian court that he was guilty of attempted homicide and other serious crimes, Hídvéghi said. It follows that the European court has sided with a convicted criminal rather than with Hungary, he added.

Hidveghi also referred to another, more recent case involving an Afghan refugee who is suspected of having raped a woman in a Budapest fast-food restaurant.

The migrants in both of these cases were helped and represented by the rights organisation Helsinki Committee, which belongs to the “Soros network”, he said. The Helsinki Committee and other pro-migration organisations have an interest in bringing as many migrants to Europe as possible even if they are dangerous people, for instance criminals, he added.

Fidesz insists that a person who has committed a crime is not eligible for asylum, especially if the crime was committed in a recipient country, Hídvéghi said.