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Fernando Paz: “How the elites control the world”

By Javier Navascués

“We are unaware of the extent of the submission we face.”

Fernando Paz is Professor of History and Philosophy. He is a writer and has published the following books: “Europa bajo los escombros”, “El fracaso de una utopía”, “Antes que nadie”, “Nürnberg, juicio al nazismo” and two other books in collaboration: “Proceso a José Antonio” and “El libro negro de la izquierda”. You can follow him on Twitter: @FernandoPazdice.

In this interview, he analyses in detail the fundamental aspects of his new book ¡Despierta! Cómo las élites están controlando el mundo. (Wake up! How the elites control the world.)

In October 2019, Event 201 took place in New York, a high-level meeting that brings together the main globalist organizations. Three months later, the WHO officially declared the pandemic for 2019, and everything happened exactly as it had said in the simulation. Would this fact be enough to prove that everything obeys a pre-worked out plan (which they had the audacity to announce in advance)?

Event 201 simulated the outbreak of a pandemic that would spread worldwide and whose causative agent would be a novel and particularly contagious coronavirus that descends from SARS and jumps from a bat to a human. No vaccine would be available in the first year. The similarities with the events that began just a month later are frightening.

Of course, this is not conclusive proof. But was there a ready-made plan whose execution followed what was discussed in New York in October 2019? Chinese dissidents, who of course hate the Communist Party, would like to prove that the CCP caused the pandemic. In general, however, they do not believe that the escape of the coronavirus was intentionally brought about. This is not known at this stage. Personally, I tend to believe that, despite the similarities mentioned above, the course of events was coincidental. That may be hard to believe; in any case, I do not attach much importance to this.

Had it not been in a laboratory in Wuhan in the winter of 2019–2020, it would have happened in the summer of 2022 at a pharmaceutical research center in India. According to former WHO officials, pharmaceutical companies have been pressuring pharmaceutical companies for years to declare a pandemic. The owners of pharmaceutical companies agree with the most important representatives of globalization, but they have met with resistance, because globalization is not a homogeneous world. On the other hand, they have used the situation to, as Pedro Sánchez said, “implement a series of measures that were already in place, but which can be implemented more quickly due to the pandemic”.

Whether this scenario – as it happened – was planned or not, does not matter. Sooner or later, something very similar would have happened.

From that moment on, we were imprisoned, masked and vaccinated. The attacks on freedom are greater than ever. Why is there hardly any resistance?

In other countries there has been more resistance than in our country, and yet they have had to accept far fewer restrictions than we have in Spain. We are not aware of the extent of the submission to which we are subjected in Spain through the decades-long process of anesthesia. Only in few places are the briefings as radical as here, and in these few places there has been no lack of protests.

The reasons for our thesis are complex. We are a country without a vibrant civil society, a country with little political culture, where morals are severely tarnished.

Under these conditions, it is easy to spread social terror, as has happened in both the public and private media. A completely homogeneous, seamless message that includes the persecution of dissenters as a metaphysical means of evil.

In the case of Spain, the media systematically concealed what was happening in other countries, so we could not compare. Even a CAM health official publicly called for censorship of the images from the stands of this summer’s European Championship because you could see how from St. Petersburg to London, via Rome or Copenhagen, no one in the stadiums wore a mask.

They don’t even bother to hide their contempt for us anymore. The population should only know what the elite determines (to call this elite that governs us an oligarchy is certainly abusive).

Much like Trump was voted out of office and the US president himself vetoed social media, social media has never had so much power. Are we already living in a science fiction that assumes that a global power would determine what is right and what is wrong?

First of all, we are witnessing an appropriation of public space by private interests. It is paradoxical that the left protests against privatizations that are comparatively ridiculous, while collaborating with the interests of the world’s most powerful private companies, taking over the main public organizations and institutions and replacing and putting the states at their service.

In addition, the social networks – legally and morally speaking – cannot determine what is published on their portals and what is not. You cannot make rules that violate the law. Even the European Union has reminded them of this. Because they are not media, but communication channels. They therefore do not have the right to censor themselves and can only denounce content that they consider illegal in a particular constituency. And the judge, not her, should act according to the law. Of course, social networks are not aware of this; in the event of such a conviction, they must expect payments in the millions.

Their natural complement is the reviewers, one of the biggest embarrassments in these troubled days. These companies are often the true authors of fraud. The reviewers were created by the Poynter Institute, one of the most visible branches of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Thanks to their connections to Big Tech, for example, they can lead Google search, so that anyone interested in a particular piece of information will find the denial in large numbers before the original claim it produced; the vast majority therefore only have access to the information provided by the fact-checkers.

Bill Gates is now working on creating a verification network that includes images and determines for the entire planet what is correct and what is not.

The 2030 Agenda is looming on the horizon as something that no one can question and that heralds a great global dictatorship. Why are there only a few voices denouncing this absurd imposition that threatens the most elementary freedoms?

This spring, a book entitled “State of Fear” was published in the UK, in which author Laura Dodsworth reports on the allegations of a group of scientists who admit to deliberately frightening the population in order to enforce the government’s measures against the population. The population was deliberately terrorized to justify their imprisonment and restrictions of any kind.

The same thing has happened in Spain, corrected and reinforced. Fear is irrational, and it will not disappear even through rational arguments. Let’s take the example of the mask: in open spaces, its effectiveness is simply null and void. However, the abolition of the mask requirement has no effect on 60-70% of the population who continue to wear masks, although they are not only useless but also harmful. In the middle of the bush, two hours walk from the nearest inhabited place, you can meet lonely hikers wearing double masks. It is an anomaly that can only be explained because fear has taken over her life.

As for those who might criticize this… For any impartial observer, the unanimity of the information is unmistakable, no matter how often you change the channel, the digital technology or the dial. There are many professionals in the field of medicine and information who are paid by pharmaceutical companies. But the essential thing is that the owners of the vulture funds that own the main media in Spain (Atresmedia, PRISA, Mediaset) are the main shareholders of the main banks, the main shareholders of the IBEX-35 and… the main shareholders of the big pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Moderna, etc… How is a medium supposed to criticize pharmaceutical companies whose owner is also the owner of pharmaceutical companies?

As China grows and the pharmaceutical companies profit, we are approaching a major economic collapse. Will we not understand the seriousness of the changeover until the time comes?

Rest assured. We will be reset, and most people will be happy. We will not return to life as we have ed it so far. You pointed to the first beneficiaries: China and the pharmaceutical companies. The Asian giant has revived its export-oriented growth and is making profits like in its prime; the pharmaceutical companies have made fabulous profits that allow them to dominate our lives through a dictatorship of bio-health that is already clearly emerging. China has become the model that the globalist elites want to lead us to.

On the other hand, through the chronification of diseases and overmedication, the West has become the prey of the big pharmaceutical companies that need this social terror to stay in business. Pfizer had doubled its profits by 2020 before launching vaccines; perhaps we can understand why they have refrained from anything related to the prevention and cure of Covid-19. None of this, just vaccines. Cures apply only to the sick, vaccines only to everyone. You don’t have to be particularly smart to know where the business is going.

Social terror – the cornerstone of the system in which we are immersed – explains why the population, albeit reluctantly, has taken a preparation produced by the most corrupt companies in the world, repeatedly convicted of fraud, bribery and commercial and professional misconduct. A manufacturer who also declines any responsibility for what can happen to his product, a product that was manufactured in eight months instead of eight years and whose medium and long-term effects are not known because simply not enough time has elapsed.

How is it that the public has decided to take this risk? Because they have been told that vaccination is the only way to end this pandemic; the global emergency requires them to take the risk. But is that true? Well, you see, not at all. According to official data (and there are compelling reasons to question this), an excess mortality from COVID of about 50,000 people is to be expected in our country in 2020. That is, one of nine hundred Spaniards. No, it’s not a mistake. Does such a proportion justify the risk of mass vaccination under the current conditions under which the vaccine was developed?

Obviously not. However, the vaccine should not be interpreted from a health point of view, but from an ideological point of view. This is where China and the pharmaceutical companies come together. Because China, as I said, is the role model of the globalizers, whose ambition is to control the population as the government in Beijing does; the government in Beijing does not need to justify itself, but the West cannot (at least for the time being) do the same. The consequence of vaccination, the vaccination certificate, is the document that allows us to enter China. Of course, only for our good and in the name of health, the main god of a hedonistic society.

There is even talk of an experiment of a worldwide Internet crash, which would have very serious consequences, just think of the money in the banks, etc…

The abolition of cash is a goal that will be delayed for some time unless something extraordinary happens. The Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) proposed this in the Chamber of Deputies last year. It was rejected, and even Europe reprimanded it for allowing itself to be carried away by excessive zeal. It was too early; the experiments that had been carried out a few years earlier in India – under the hand of Bill Gates – also failed miserably.

But that’s exactly the goal: the end of money. The PSOE had to be content with limiting cash transactions to 1,000 euros, of course only for our sake, to prevent fraud.

It is not absurd to assume that there is also the intention to acquire our current accounts. A massive system failure, a timely Russian or Iranian hack, a gigantic power outage that may be due to a solar storm… this has been rumored for a long time, and in reality the articles about it are piling up in the general media. I don’t know if it will happen or not, but the Davos Forum promised us that we will have nothing left in 2030. I believe the people.

Are all these facts demonstrably due to the policies of the elites?

Well, that’s a fact. It is not speculation. It is a truism that the elites are responsible for what is happening in the world. For this and for everything else. Whether the elites act in their own interest or in the interest of their people is another question. This is a matter of great debate, because it is a question of judgment; some people will think the 2030 Agenda is a great idea, while others will be horrified by it. I don’t need to tell you where I stand.

But it is a fact that all this is a consequence of the policies of the elites. They, of course, have a plan to maintain and strengthen their power and shape the world according to their interests. People should understand that the implementation of the 2030 Agenda is essentially against them. All the goals set out in this agenda are at the expense of the people who will pay the bill.

To be more precise, who are the ones who really call the shots for these elites?

The elite is more of a system than a name. Essentially, it is a projection of the Anglo-Saxon order on the whole of humanity: its worldview, its ideological framework, its political system, its social order.

Forgive the digression, but in human history there are three or four great types of people with their respective ideas about the world and morality: the priest, the warrior, the artist, and the merchant. Globalitarianism is the triumph of the mercantile image of man, the triumph of the merchant with his perverse idea that everything has a price, with his blunt confusion of value and price, and with his greedy gluttony.

In the past, the elites were religious or military, and it was assumed that they had a certain aristocratic status; today, the elite is little more than a ruthless gang of shopkeepers engaged in cut-throat competition for more market. The planet has outgrown them, and its inhabitants are not worthy of their mercantile greatness. We owe them the Internet…! And Amazon! And Google! And Twitter and Facebook…!

We can no longer live without them. That’s a fact. We have become their hostages. The goal is that we will be forever, and more and more every day.

If you want to name names, you can call Gates, Soros, Zuckerberg, Musk, Ted Turner, Kissinger… and list thousands more. And, of course, the organizations they preside over and from which they rule the world.

Are we on the way to a slave society?

We are already there. Most Spaniards live in fear of a virus that would never give them more than a cold or a reasonably tolerable flu. Slavery has taken up residence in their souls. They have lived in agonizing terror for months and now live in low-intensity terror, somewhere between panic and simple fear. And he even feels a certain gratitude.

The elite has designed a “two-speed society”; it is not futuristic, but we have been living in it for a long time. I have already pointed this out.

The key element now is technology. The confidence that we could bypass our bondage has predictably proven to be folly. On the contrary, as the visionary CV Gheorghiu wrote many years ago, technology will be the totalitarianism of the future. Not the technology in the service of a certain thing, no, the technology itself.

The population only wants security. And this is ensured by a health system, a system of social control, by cameras; they want to feel included. You’d rather be wrong about most things than be right about very few things. They would give up everything to feel protected. All. Decades of intoxication and deconstruction of our identity have led to the mass production of soft eggs. That’s the way it is.

Can we organize an effective resistance against this global dictatorship that is not only coming to us, but has already begun, without many seem to realize it?

It is clearly not easy. Fear is free. If it were up to our people, this would certainly be lost. But there is a protest in Europe that could be contagious. I think so.

On the other hand, there will always be a core of resistance. It is our task to strengthen this resistance. Defense of identity and freedom. There is no better antidote. There is no other.

This article first appeared on EL CORREO DE ESPAÑA, our partner in EUROPEAN MEDIA COOPERATION.


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