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European Parliament exerts political pressure

European Parliament (Photo: Wikipedia)

By: V4 Agency

The left-wing majority of the European Parliament (EP), including leftists in the European People’s Party, is exerting political pressure in applying the ‘the rule of law,’ said the head of the Hungarian pro-government EP delegation in a statement to national public media.

Tamas Deutsch, head of the EP delegation of the Hungarian ruling party Fidesz-KDNP, said that during his over twelve-year parliamentary career in Brussels, the EP had never taken such a “primitive” decision as it had this week – namely deciding it is ready to take legal action against the European Commission if it continues to delay the application of the rule of law mechanism established to protect the EU budget.

With this move, the leftist majority in the EP has openly threatened the European Commission and is even trying to  exert political pressure on the European Court of Justice to decide in their favour, the Hungarian ruling party politician said.

He emphasized that left-wing Hungarian MEPs are also working hard against their own country’s interests. They are determined to keep the so-called “rule of law mechanism” in the spotlight in order to prevent EU funds due to Hungary from helping domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, local governments, and the education and health care systems, explained Tamas Deutsch.

According to the Fidesz-KDNP MEP, “the vile master plan of the European and Hungarian left to politically blackmail their opponents under the guise of legislation has been clearly revealed.”

They want to punish all countries where the majority of voters had the courage to stand up for civil, pro-national sovereignty, centre-right and conservative governments in opposition to the “European mainstream,” Tamas Deutsch emphasized.

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